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Eco-toothbrush made from bamboo to hit the market early 2013


November 16, 2012

Bogobrush is a eco-toothbrush made from bamboo

Bogobrush is a eco-toothbrush made from bamboo

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North Dakota siblings Heather and John McDougall have created an eco-toothbrush which according to them “will be the first toothbrush you will actually care about.” Having grown up with a dentist as a father, the pair have merged their backgrounds in design and policy to create the Bogobrush, which they claim to be “100 percent biodegradable.”

The toothbrush is simple in its design and features a smooth handle that has been sculpted from bamboo, and the brush’s bristles are made from “biodegradable nylon.” While the company doesn’t expand on the specifics of the bristles, nylon commonly takes between 30 and 40 years to break down. Generally, though, a biodegradable material, like food or leaves, will decompose into elements found in nature within a year. Putting that into perspective, a cardboard box will take approximately four weeks to break down, whereas a plastic bag could take up to 500 years. Semantics aside, the Bogobrush is most probably a better choice than the plastic toothbrushes that find their way to the bottom of the trash can each year.

Incidentally, when in it is eventually time to dispose of your Bogobrush, it might be best to bury it in the backyard. According to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), biodegradable products may be unable to biodegrade in a landfill. “Landfills are designed to shut out sunlight, air, and moisture,” the FTC states. “That keeps pollutants out of the air and drinking water, but also slows decomposition. Even materials like paper and food could take decades to decompose in a landfill.”

To launch the product, Bogobrush has pledged to donate a toothbrush to someone in need, with every brush purchased. “We are really excited to give people in need an actual Bogobrush, because we believe everyone deserves to use a toothbrush they actually care about,” says Heather McDougall.

Bogobrush is currently available for pre-order online, however it does come with a somewhat expensive price tag of US$10. Remember you are effectively buying two, as the company will give the second one to someone within its community of Give Partners across the Unites States. The Bogobrush will also be available in early 2013.

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New? Wood? This is what toothbrushes were made of before the days of plastic; wood harbors germs, and is a better medium, I believe, for their cultivation than plastic.

Trustee 74

already available by a different manufacturer



I'm sorry but this is just a poor name choice. BogoBrush... I can't help not hearing "BoogerBrush". Or maybe it's an effective marketing campaign!


Another one: http://environmentaltoothbrush.com.au/

Google "bamboo toothbrush" to find others. Nothing new about this, sorry...

Mr T

I echo the sentiment about bad name choice.

In the UK, "bog" is slang for a toilet. A word your mother will object to you using. A bog brush is what you use to clean the toilet. You aren't going to get anyone from the UK to put a bog brush in their mouths!


I think this company is going to do well. You can tell they have good execution on their product and marketing. The concept can't make an impact on the environment until its widely adopted, so I think this will be 'new' if they accomplish that.

I really like the cylindrical design. Reminds me of other high quality instruments. Also, I don't think the name really matters. BOGO is a common business term.

When you consider the fact that they are the Tom's-Shoes, Dollar-Shave-Club, AND Apple of toothbrushes, I don't see how they couldn't do well.


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the dialogue! we are excited to answer some questions and comments about Bogobrush.

As a few of you have found, Bogobrush is far from being the first bamboo toothbrush, but we are sure it will be the best. What you will notice when looking at all the designs out there today, is that they are very similar, with a flat handle, that doesn't fit well in any hand, and a shape that makes brushing your teeth more difficult. We shaped Bogobrush in a cylinder so it mimics the shape of professional dental tools, and allows easy use in every hand, and any part of the mouth.

We are also aware of the UK Bogobrush/bogbrush naming issue:) As a North American company, we don't have that issue here, but perhaps we should look into another name if we ever look to expand sales specifically in the UK. Any clever suggestions for the UK market?


Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Please keep in mind that we are not claiming to be the only bamboo toothbrush on the market. However, Bogobrush is more than just an eco-friendly toothbrush: we give a Bogobrush to someone in need for each one that is sold, as well as provide a delivery service every three months for year supply purchases of Bogobrushes.

Also, bamboo is actually naturally antimicrobial, so it makes for a perfectly safe handle.

bogobrush company

There are ergonomic bamboo toothbrushes on the market, and one available in Japan that looks very similar to this one.


Here's a nearly identical project. https://smilesquared.com/ With donations already made to children in need.

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