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Boeing's new AH-6 light attack/reconnaissance helicopter


November 26, 2008

Boeing's new AH-6 light attack/reconnaissance helicopter

Boeing's new AH-6 light attack/reconnaissance helicopter

November 27, 2008 Boeing recently announced a new rotorcraft program to develop what will be designated as the AH-6 light attack/reconnaissance helicopter. The AH-6 features an Electro-Optical/Infrared forward-looking sight system as well as a mount for weapons that have been qualified on the aircraft, including Hellfire missiles, the M260 seven-shot rocket pod, a machine gun and a mini-gun integrated with a sensor system.

"Boeing has been approached by several potential customers seeking light attack and reconnaissance capabilities in a flexible rotorcraft platform," said Dave Palm, director of Boeing Rotorcraft Business Development, said of the AH-6 at the Association of the United States Army's annual convention in Washington, D.C. "We believe this system is a perfect fit for those customers seeking long endurance, proven performance and 2,000-pound payload within an affordable helicopter."

Designed on a combat-proven platform with a heritage of successful service with Special Operations, the AH-6 is designed to meet the current requirements of international military customers while maintaining flexibility for future growth. A communications package allows the AH-6 to connect to other aircraft and to ground stations.

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