BMW Olympic Pavilion fully revealed


July 24, 2012

Recycled river water creates running walls on the pavilion

Recycled river water creates running walls on the pavilion

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With the Olympics just days away, one of the more intriguing structures of London 2012 has come into focus. BMW has fully revealed its Olympic Park Pavilion. We took our first look at the BMW's pavilion earlier this month, and now the German automaker with strong British ties (BMW brands include MINI and Rolls Royce) has provided a full tour.

The meticulously designed structure fills the prime hunk of real estate between the Olympics Stadium and Aquatics Centre with a waterfall-based bandstand. London-based Serie Architects chose to blend the pavilion into its riverside surroundings by sheathing it in a running waterfall that doubles as a natural air conditioner. The water is cycled from the Waterworks River below.

Inside, BMW's exhibitions have a strong focus on sustainability, a factor that it describes as central toward its selection as an Olympic sponsor. The lower floor focuses on that sustainability through some of the automaker's latest concepts, including the E-Scooter and i Pedelec electric-assisted bike. The lower floor also ties into the greater Games with a look at BMW's role in sponsoring the Olympics and fostering athletes.

True car fanatics will want to take the trip to the upstairs, which is broken down into nine individual pavilions showcasing some of BMW's latest cars and concepts. The i8 plug-in hybrid, i3 electric city car and 3 Series Touring are among the vehicles on display.

The pavilion will be open to all Olympic Park visitors during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. BMW expects to welcome thousands of visitors each day.

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How awesome, just in case it turns out to be a day without rain in London, you can head inside the pavilion for that "I'm stuck indoors because it's raining and grey outside" feeling!


Just another farce connected to the Olympics - BMW, McDonalds, Coke etc....

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