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Innovative ‘caseless’ computer housing concept from BMW


March 15, 2009

The open modular design of the Level 10 concept PC

The open modular design of the Level 10 concept PC

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March 16, 2009 Although obviously best known for its cars and motorbikes, BMW also creates yachts, aircraft and trains, and has now turned its design expertise to a computer gaming tower with the ‘Level 10’ concept for Thermaltake, a manufacturer of computer housings and components for individually configurable high-end computers.

Created by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the Level 10 concept features an open modular structure that renders the inside components of the computer visible. Rather than housing the components of the computer inside one all encompassing case, each individual component is enclosed within its own protective case. BMW says this innovative approach is not only an integral part of the design, but also guarantees interchangeability and transportability. The open modular structure, which gives the Level 10 a look reminiscent of a cityscape placed on its side with the individual component housings appearing as buildings, also serves to enhance the cooling of the components.

BMW has also designed to unit to appeal to LAN partygoers with integrated handles easy transportation of the tower. A smart lock system facilitates the blocking of access in order to protect the valuable modules and a USB memory key was designed as an extractable "power button" that not only activates the system, but also secures personal system data, rendering it suitable for flexible use. The design is rounded off by a cable conduit system and light features, which communicate a multitude of tower functions such as temperature and memory volumes.

There’s no word on whether the Level 10 concept will go into production as yet, but it’s eye-catching design is sure to turn a few heads if it does. We’ll wait and see.

Darren Quick

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Beautiful, but could we get the, very heavy, power supply down to the bottom of this thing?


Day 1: Amazingly beautiful machine!

Day 2: I have to dust it, AGAIN?!

Chris Leo

Funny thing about computers, they tend to get hot. Half of a normal case is dedicated to creating good airflow to keep things cool. Sealing each component into its own little compartment basically turns your computer into a bunch of little ovens.

Christopher Pepin
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