BluFit water bottle aims for a smarter approach to rehydration


October 2, 2013

BluFit monitors water intake and sends alerts

BluFit monitors water intake and sends alerts

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Staying properly hydrated has become easier with a new high-tech connected water bottle. BluFit updates the traditional water bottle to the digital age with the promise of an optimal hydration experience, including the possibility of customizing it to specific requirements.

The bottle is made of glass and protected with a silicone sleeve that comes in either charcoal black or ocean blue silicon. The bottle is machine washable but the cap needs to be cleaned by hand. The unit holds around 32 oz (0.94 liter) of fluid.

Once the user has entered their information into the accompanying smartphone app to generate a hydration program, BluFit starts recording the amount of water drunk and when, before sending the data to the phone. When the user fails to drink enough water, the bottle will activate a range of signs (lights, sound and phone notifications) to help the user to adjust their water consumption.

The lights for notifications are on the exterior of the cap, where there’s also a small speaker and a USB port for recharging the battery, which, depending on use, can last between seven and 10 days. Inside the cap is a Bluetooth LE chip, a water sensor, and the battery. Also on the top of the cap is a user-configurable button to track a range of functions to support the user’s health and fitness goals.

For people with special hydration needs, the BluFit app allows them to customize their daily water needs and set up personalized reminders. The app creates a timeline of hydration levels, showing current hydration and graphs of historical data, besides goals the user has set for themselves. The app also enables users to track a lost or misplaced bottle.

BluFit runs on Bluetooth LE and is compatible with iOS (iPhone 4s, 5c and 5s) and Android devices that support it. The BluFit designers say they will allow integration with other health and fitness devices and APIs to expand the experience and will continue to update the platform as new products are launched. The BluFit Data API and Sensor SDK will be open for developers.

BluFit is currently at prototype stage and the company is fundraising on Indiegogo to make the project a reality. Funding packages start at $49, with free shipping to the US, $10 for Canada and $15 for international orders. Estimated delivery is March 2014.

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Or you could save the fifty bucks, fill a spare plastic bottle with tap water, and simply take a sip whenever you feel thirsty. For heaven's sake, you don't need a smartphone app to tell you when you need to rehydrate yourself!

Chuck Anziulewicz

Clicked this article just to see the comment.

Was not disappointed.


Check the values on the app - mild day, 64 oz target. Great to see the many times debunked '8 glasses a day' myth being perpetuated!

Mark C

This is an interesting concept and I'm interested to hear how the project progresses. I've seen other companies trying to do the same thing and monitor water intake, but with all of the options to hydrate you can only track hydration through this device. I'm interested to see how successful a product like this may be and how much data can be brought in to be analyzed.

Erik Lindstrom
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