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Get 60% off the Bluetooth Shower Speaker from TRNDLabs

Belting out your favorite track in the shower is definitely a highlight of the morning. No, it’s not necessarily all that tuneful … but that’s only because there’s no backing track, of course. The fix for that is something like the Bluetooth Shower Speaker from TRNDLabs, which is fully water-resistant, and is currently on sale at a 60% discount.

The funky-looking Shower Speaker (yellow, pink and green versions are also available) comes with a suction-cup mount so it can cling on to wet walls, and it can wirelessly hook up to any music-giving device within 10 meters. But just as impressively, it has an in-built microphone, which allows for hands-free calling and Siri commands while you’re scrubbing up. The internal rechargeable battery can keep going for around 5-6 hours, and there’s a basic array of music controls on that plastic fascia. Check out the link below to get this bathroom music upgrade at the special price…

>> Get 60% off the Bluetooth Shower Speaker from TRNDLabs ($39)

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