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Calling all things retro - the Bluetooth Mini Phone


August 19, 2009

The Bluetooth Mini Phone
(Image: Thumbs Up UK)

The Bluetooth Mini Phone (Image: Thumbs Up UK)

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The ever expanding range of Bluetooth mobile accessories occasionally sees a quirky variation appear alongside the more traditional units. Joining the novelty ranks is the retro - inspired Bluetooth Mini Phone, which, as the name suggests is styled like a miniature phone handset.

Once connected with the user’s actual mobile handset via Bluetooth, the Mini Phone conveniently (and some may say fashionably) hangs around the user’s neck on a lanyard. As the unit features an answer button to press when a call comes in, the user need never take their phone out of their pocket.

For those keen for a taste of nostalgia, this funky little accessory is available for around US$49.

Thumbs Up! via Red Ferret.

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