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Bling! It - Image editing software for eBayers


November 7, 2007

Bling! It's edge enhancement

Bling! It's edge enhancement

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November 7, 2007 Graphics and imaging software producers Vertus have announced the release of Bling! It – a graphic image editing tool that is aimed primarily at the army of people selling goods through online auction sites such as eBay and Amazon, for whom programs such as Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw are overkill. Vertus claim Bling! It enables online sellers as well as small businesses to quickly and easily create attention grabbing product shots for the web in mere minutes.

Bling! It features balloon tips to guide users in common tasks such as replacing a standard image background with a more appealing backdrop, tracing the key edges within an image to make the job of extracting the product from its background easier. Users can then select from a variety of professional backgrounds available in the Bling! It library or customize one of their own.

Adding features such as drop shadowing, highlight effects and logos is also made so easy Vertus believes the program will enable even the novice user to produce product images up to four times faster than with any previously available solutions. Bling! It also automatically optimizes an image size, resolution and data weight (kilobytes), for an e-commerce site or preset online auction sites such as eBay or Amazon. The edge blending between the product and the background can also be adjusted to preserve the warm feeling of a sweater or the furry softness of a teddy bear.

With Bling! It’s “Paint Away Viewer” feature, users see their product shot evolving in real-time. As the product is extracted and set into the new background, users are able to visualize the final image as it is created. The “Paint Away Viewer” also shows real-time edits, as users employ various image optimization tools available within the program. Other tools allow the image to be sharpened without hiding a product’s characteristic imperfections and to enhance product resolution independently from the background.

Bling! It is currently available for Windows XP or Vista, and a Mac version will follow shortly. The product is available now for a suggested retail price of $49.95

For further info visit Bling! It.

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