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Blandito – a burrito in furniture form


April 16, 2013

Blandito can be used as a rug, a sleeping bag, a bean bag, or an armchair – at the very le...

Blandito can be used as a rug, a sleeping bag, a bean bag, or an armchair – at the very least (Photo: Belnotes.it)

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Blandito is a "transformable pad for lazy living" from Oradaria Design. It began life as a simple idea, then traversed various prototype stages before a limited number were produced. During this time it garnered considerable interest on the internet and Blandito is now a fully-fledged product enjoying a full production run.

This multi-function piece of furniture is soft and malleable, meaning it can be bent and shaped to suit an individual's needs at any given moment. Once you find the shape you want, you can fix it in place using the wooden ball hooks that are included. This means Blandito can be used as a rug, a sleeping bag, a bean bag, or an armchair – at the very least. Other combinations are also possible, with kids especially bound to find interesting arrangements.

Blandito is made from child-friendly and fireproof materials, with the outer layer made from cotton. It comes in three different sizes and a range of different colors, and can be bought online from Belnotes.it. Prices start at €315 (US$415).

The video below explores the various ways in which Blandito can be fixed.

Sources: Oradaria Design, Behance

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I Want one of those BAD!

17th April, 2013 @ 09:22 am PDT

KRC1023, notice the price? I don't want one that bad, 415 us coconuts, pass, half that sure OK

Bill Bennett
17th April, 2013 @ 08:27 pm PDT

probably about $50 worth of materials all up maybe $50 for labour and marketing wow I gotta get into this ripping consumers off business.

Denis Klanac
18th April, 2013 @ 05:38 pm PDT

NO WAY! I have kids. There is no way to clean that thing. not at any price, one cup of coolaid, or one kid in diapers......

18th April, 2013 @ 06:36 pm PDT
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