Black Magic House built quicker than you can say "Abracadabra"


August 13, 2013

T2.a Architects' Black Magic House (Photo: Zsolt Batár)

T2.a Architects' Black Magic House (Photo: Zsolt Batár)

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Located on the edge of a forest near Budapest, the prefabricated Black Magic House by T2.a Architects is, as its name suggests, both black and a house. The "magic" part? The home's basic structure was built in just two days, and the entire process – from sending off the digital plans to receiving the prefab parts and completing the structure – took only a week.

Like the similar Espinar House we recently reported on, Black Magic House is constructed from inexpensive building materials, in this case prefabricated laminated timber panels. This lends the interior a somewhat unfinished look, but judging from the gallery photos, it's in keeping with the natural theme of such a rural home, and despite the moniker there's nary a goat's head nor sacrificial altar in sight.

Black Magic House is heated by a wood stove and fireplace, with fuel provided by the nearby woods, thus potentially offering a sustainable source of fuel, depending on how the owners harvest the wood.

To offer additional protection against the colder winter months, the property was covered with a black UV-resistant membrane which is waterproof, and lends the home its color. T2.a Architects also reckons a second layer of black wooden panels may be a necessary addition in the future.

Construction was completed in 2012, and the process of building the basic structure is detailed in the brief video below.

Source: T2.a Architects via Arch Daily

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Now, that's a manufactured home done right.

Dennis Siple

I like the home's simple design, it's prefab construction means less labor costs too.

Robyn Takami

Looks quite functional, don't know about that 'open plan' bathroom though, a hunter/voyeur in the woods could have fun with a decent scope. My main concern is that flat roof ... I wonder exactly how much weight of snow it can withstand? Or does the homeowner climb a ladder and sweep it off?

The Skud

Way too many Pieces.

I suspect that the time quoted was only the erection time.

There is the clearing, grubbing, stumping, chipping, grading, foundation excavation and casting, masonry base to be accounted for and prefabrication time as well.

It took far longer than what said. Four thunks for that.

The design is very pleasant. Coal tar pitch on the roof will keep it dry and cozy for a long time.


Lewis Dickens

What was the cost of the finished home not including land.

James Turner
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