Bizarre Honda V4 concept bike has us scratching our heads


October 10, 2008

Honda's V4 Concept Model

Honda's V4 Concept Model

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October 9, 2008 Honda have released a new concept sportsbike at Intermot that frankly has us completely stumped. The V4 Concept Model is meant to showcase Honda's intention to "use the power of dreams to take motorcycling somewhere it has never been before" - somewhere, presumably, where motorcycles do away with things like tyres, suspension, brakes, axles and final drive systems. Can YOU figure out a single piece of relevant information this machine is signalling about tomorrow's Hondas, or is it a simple styling exercise?

Here's the full press release Honda sent out with images of the V4 Concept Model:

"Honda has always sought to push back motorcycling boundaries, challenge engineering conventions and introduce daring and innovative new designs and technologies that will delight its customers.

To celebrate the passionately creative heritage of the first V4 four-stroke, Honda has embarked on an exciting new project, using 30 years of Honda V4 expertise to create a next generation of products. Once again Honda will use the power of dreams to take motorcycling to somewhere it has never been before, proof of which was at display for the very first time at Intermot Cologne."

Challenging engineering conventions indeed! We'd go so far as to say this new concept has been designed by an art-school grad uninterested in anything but futuristic styling. And yes, a prototype is actually displayed at Intermot Cologne, it's not just a rendered set of images like most of the more bizarre designs we see.

If the bike had been electric, perhaps there could have been some intention to drive and brake the wheels using some sort of electromagnetic system - but there's a dirty great V4 combustion engine right in the middle of the frame. Even if the wheels were driven, they don't seem able to rotate. And if they could rotate, their shiny red finish would appear to indicate that they'll give no traction.

Are we missing the point here - and either way, where do you draw the line on concept machines? Does this thing even qualify as a motorcycle? And what on Earth do you think Honda are trying to do by displaying it? Check out the photo gallery and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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If I am not completely mistaken that bike is no more than a representation of the Honda logo? A sculpture....


Honda wanted to bring something to the party but was out of ideas?

marc brown

It could work if the wheels are encased in the shiny cover. There would need of course to be a small opening in the wheel cover at the point where the wheels touch the ground. This would basically make the wheel covers very thorough fenders. Instead of connecting the wheels at the point of the hub, having the forks connect to the rim as they show may add stability (but I don't know). Ultimately I do agree that this design is the product of the power of dreams. The problem is that it was not Honda's dream; it was the dream of the animators of the 1982 Disney movie "Tron." Take a look:


Maybe they are not running it on land. Do not need any of that if the drive system is new and for water sports.


Honda says they're serving us Filet Mignon, while they try to fool us with Boloney!! Looks like smoke and mirrors to me. While Yamaha puts out the V-4 Vmax, all Honda has is a bunch of recycled VTX's. Sport bikes don't need fancier looking plastic. Bring on something exciting like it was with the Valkyrie, CBX, Magna instead of Harley look-a-likes!


could it be an new VTOL concept? it look `like it to me


I agree with pmodiano with regard to the wheels being fully enclosed, but the openings should be larger to allow full use of the width of the tyre for cornering. The drive and braking is easily explained, along with the hubless system by checking out I surmise that front suspension is taken care of by a reverse upward slide against the front end of the frame, which might provide adequate anti-dive under braking, rear suspension via swinging arm with hidden monoshock & linkage. As a work of art, or a custom bike, or merely an exercise in engineering, I can certainly appreciate it. As a concept of the future however, it falls flat on it's face as it's using currently available technology invented by other people. But that's just my opinion...


Hamster powered. Gotta be.


People please! Obviously those tooth like hub-less rims aren't for chewing pavement. They spin counter rotationally generating fields of magnetic disruptive to open temporary wormhole disruptions in the very fabric of the universe. For all you luddites out there, this is quite simply a teleportation device, and I guarantee honda will taking the moto gp title with this one. All only thing left to figure out is how to get the 1.21 gigawatts into the flux capacitor - should have hired Marty McFly and Doc Brown as consultants - poor strategy.

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