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BioLite adds a grill option to its gadget-charging CampStove


March 15, 2013

BioLite users can now grill, sear, boil – and charge their iPhone – with one stove set-up

BioLite users can now grill, sear, boil – and charge their iPhone – with one stove set-up

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Since its introduction a few years ago, the BioLite CampStove has received much acclaim, winning multiple nominations and awards, including a selection for our top camping gadgets list. Thanks to the added function of electricity generation, the new stove appeals to more than just crunchy outdoor folks muling sweat-stained packs; it appeals to tech and gadget lovers, too. The BioLite's general market appeal is sure to broaden with the recent addition of a new accessory: a grill.

Much like Solhuma, Inc. did with its VitalStove , BioLite has added a grill attachment to its biomass-fueled CampStove. The Portable Grill secures to the cylindrical stove, funneling heat (and delicious wood smoke) up through the open, meat-dripping grates.

Anyone with experience grilling knows that wood smoke brings some of the best flavor you'll eat, and the BioLite rig brings that flavor virtually anywhere. And what could be cooler than simultaneously smoke-searing your steak while charging your iPhone?

BioLite says that the CampStove's vortex flame creates three temperature zones – one for searing, one for cooking and one for toasting. The grill fits up to four hamburgers or six hot dogs, and its flip-out legs provide a stable grillin' surface and allow it to compact down to 9.5 x 12 x 3.25 inches (24 x 30.5 x 8.25 cm). It weighs just under two pounds(0.9 kg). The flip-up top lets you add fuel to the stove while you grill, and the included plastic cover doubles as a cutting board or serving dish.

The BioLite Portable Grill retails for US$59.95. Due to high demand, shipping is currently backed up for about two months.

Source: BioLite

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Would be WAY useful.... just not to be cooked DIRECTLY on.

Two Replies

re; Two Replies

I give up. Why?


I think Two Replies is confused because they do not show the two pieces mated. If you go to the companies site it has pics of the mated device. It looks like it would cook very well. The only concern I would have is that they state the drippins drain into the firebox (pyrolosys chamber). I think it would gum up the stove if not immediatly after some use. This would make heavy cleaning aftter each use mandatory and time consuming.


its possible due to the extreme heat that this device has versus a regular fire or cooker, that the drippings are burnt down to an ash like everything else, or that it sticks to the ash in the chamber and not the sides or bottom.

I think this looks good and i love my biolite, i think the question for me is, it seems to add alot more volume to what you have to carry. The biolite itself is somewhat compact, if abit heavy, but its worth it for what it offers.

But this addon seems like its abit as the whole biolite, if not abit bigger, that will take up alot more room in a pack, and thats kinda a big deal.

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