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BiKN uses iPhone to keep track of your stuff ... or kids


November 14, 2011

BiKN is a system that allows iPhone users to track or relocate up to eight items at once

BiKN is a system that allows iPhone users to track or relocate up to eight items at once

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Wondering where you left your dang car keys this time? Well, you might not be if you were using BiKN. Pronounced "beacon," this tracking system consists of an iPhone case, an app, and up to eight tags that can be attached to items of your choice. Should you not be able to find one of those items, BiKN will help you relocate it. The system will also give you a holler should a particular "item" wander away on its own.

The case features a black or white base, which slides into a colored electronic unit that accesses the phone via its 30-pin connector. The phone can be charged while in the case.

That case is able to track the radio frequency tags, which can be clipped onto things such as key chains, bags, or children's clothing (yes, while the children are wearing them). Both the case and the tags must be charged in order to work, with the BiKN app displaying how much juice they have left.

Users can keep track of their stuff/offspring in three ways. In Find mode, they use the app to locate lost items, using a visual display and an audio tone - sort of a like a biologist tracking moose in the woods. In Leash mode, an alarm will sound on both the case and the tag, if a tagged item moves beyond a user-determined distance from the case. Finally, in Page mode, a user can cause multiple tags and/or other bases to sound an alert - useful for getting the attention of tag-wearing people, or just to locate something by sound alone.

Because the last two modes don't incorporate the app, they can be used even when the phone is turned off.

While the app can be downloaded for free from iTunes, the case and tags should be available via the BiKN website starting sometime in December. The price has not yet been announced.

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But what happens if you loose your phone? Frankly, we shoudn\'t rely too much on technology. If you give your memory to your gadget - it\'s a potentialy dangerous way to go. Just IMHO\'ing.

Михаил Финогенов

Do the tags seem a bit large? is that so you don\'t lose them as well?

Michael Demby

Ic an\'t find on their site any mention about the distance. As I assume the Bikn(s) are based on RFID what is the maximum distance at which and object can be properly located? Ciao


Distance is super-important - as is toughness. At $130, this needs to be tough and durable. I wouldn't be investing until the tech has shown its durability, and the price becomes a little more realistic. It's also not awfully clear on the site how this works - does it involve charges from your provider? Does it work outside the US? (It says on the website that the tags aren't dependent on your phone, and will work even if your phone is lost or dead.)


Thanks for the post. Because of developing technology it now easier to track someone. Users may try iKeyMonitor for this. Its really easy to use and free.

Shabiha Sharmin
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