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Bike Valet offers a unique spin on bicycle storage


January 26, 2012

The Bike Valet is a bicycle wall storage device that uses a cantilevered design to hold bikes in place

The Bike Valet is a bicycle wall storage device that uses a cantilevered design to hold bikes in place

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Wall-mounted bike-hanging hooks are certainly a good way of keeping a bicycle off of the floor and out of the way, but let's be honest ... they're also often used as a means of displaying a particularly nice bike, almost as if it's a work of art. That being the case, some cyclists might find it a little counter-intuitive to use plain old hardware store hooks for showing off their masterpiece of motorless transportation. That's where the Bike Valet comes in. Not only does the bike-hanging device look pretty snazzy, but it also incorporates some practical features.

One of the Bike Valet's interesting innovations is its over-and-under cantilevered design. While gravity keeps the rear end of the bicycle's top tube resting on the upper surface of one of the padded arms, leverage causes the front end to swing up and press against the underside of the other arm. The system reportedly works for a number of unconventionally-shaped tube types (such as those found on some carbon fiber bikes), although other models are in the works for extra-weird tubes, and for frame configurations other than the basic diamond.

Besides looking a little sharper than a couple of hooks, the Bike Valet also installs on just one wall stud. Additionally, it has built-in hangers at the top and bottom, for storing a helmet and a backpack or U-lock. It is constructed from laser-cut eighth-inch steel, and is available in several powder-coated paint colors. Buyers can choose between neoprene or leather arm padding.

The Bike Valet was created by Sacramento furniture designers Steven Tiller and Stephanie Birch, who are currently raising funds on Kickstarter for moving up to larger-scale production. If you don't like the looks of the product, well, Steven doesn't mind. "I don't believe you can be all things to all people, and the design of the Bike Valet is not trying to be universal," he told us. "I imagine people will either love it or not understand it. I am at peace with that. I design objects and pieces for me, that I love the form of. I am always pleased when others find joy in them as well."

A pledge of US$75 will get you a Valet of your own, which should cost $95 once they get into stores.

The video below demonstrates how a bicycle is placed into the device.

Source: Bicycle Design

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Or, you can buy two rubber coated screw hooks for $10 from Lowes to do the same thing.


you missed the point ctcsme, did you read the article? As Steven said \"people will either love it or not understand it\" You fall into the latter group. Not trying to offend you. Some people have the coconuts to want to DISPLAY their bike as a work of art, I have a GT RTS 2 and from its era it is a work of art, it is not hung from $5.00 j hooks from Lowes, she is hung from a rope and pulley system home built

Bill Bennett

oh make no mistake this is truly a piece of art! people will either get it or they will get it. this is an awesome concept, the only thin I might add would be a hole through the top bracket to actually lock the bike to the rack.

Ian Cole

Sorry you missed the point Bill, as it\'s called sarcasm.


Nice idea but amazes me how they can charge 75 bucks (or 95) for a couple of bits of bent metal and some cork padding. Come on guys, do we have to pay for the designer\'s college fees? I\'m sure we can make these ourselves from something lying around in the garage... Don\'t worry, we won\'t try to sell them!


The Bike Valet is $95 so it is more accessible to more people. Were I to charge full retail IE., 4 times the cost it takes the maker to manufacture (In case one was ignorent on the matter). The Valet would cost closer to $200. I think that\'s to high. The buyer is not paying for college fee\'s... I didn\'t go to college I learned by getting my hands dirty in practice, not theory. The buyer, is purchasing a product priced according to what it costs to manufacture goods in the United States. Sure it would cheaper to manufacture in China but then we\'re just sending more jobs oversees and that defeats the point. But hey if you can cover my overhead, make, brand, market and ship them for 5 bucks... you\'re hired! Cheers Steve

Facebook User

Well said Steve, I think this is a great design, so now we are almost into September are you closer to shipping to the UK as I would like to buy one of these, maybe two. Many thanks. Matthew.

Matthew Sherlock
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