Bike lock covers would-be thieves in permanent dye


November 5, 2008

SmartLock bike theft solution

SmartLock bike theft solution

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November 6, 2008 Who stole my bike? This all too common question could soon be much easier to answer if the SmartLock takes-off. Operating on the same principle as a dye bomb safe, the cable-lock design adds an extra element to bicycle theft prevention by incorporating cores of compressed air and liquid running through its body. When a bolt-cutter wielding would-be thief cuts the cable, the liquid is sprayed out making the bike, the perpetrator, their tools and the crime scene easily identifiable.

Even if the thief manages to wash the dye off, the presence of an invisible marking liquid known as Smartwater which can be detected by ultra violet scanners will help keep the trail warm, as well as helping authorities (and bike users) identify high-risk areas.

Designed by UK Product Design graduate Mike Lambourn, SmartLock also includes a double layered casing of hardened steel and Dupont Hytrel moulding over the most vunerable bits - the lock barrel and lever.

Smartlock is available for licensing.

Via Dvice.

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