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Apple reportedly working on a larger iPhone 6 – and an iPhone phablet to boot


January 23, 2014

Apple is reportedly working on two new iPhones (rendered approximately next to iPhone 5s), one with a 4.5-in or larger screen and another with a 5-in or larger screen

Apple is reportedly working on two new iPhones (rendered approximately next to iPhone 5s), one with a 4.5-in or larger screen and another with a 5-in or larger screen

After two straight years of iPhones with 4-inch screens, most people expect Apple's 2014 model to give us a bigger display. According to a new report, the company is set to do just that – with both a larger iPhone 6 and an iPhone phablet in the works.

The scoop comes from the Wall Street Journal, which says Apple is eyeing a new iPhone with a screen measuring 4.5-in or larger. It also mentions that the company is developing a second version with a screen that's either 5-in or larger. It describes the smaller one as being further along in development, while the bigger phablet is "still in preliminary development," according to the infamous "people familiar with the situation."

Another interesting tidbit: the sources say that both models are going to have metallic casings, similar to what we've seen from the iPhones 5 and 5s. It also adds that Apple is going to scrap the alternative plastic body model from the iPhone 5c after just one year. With 5c sales rumored to be underwhelming, that bit shouldn't come as too big of a surprise – though it would mark a quick admission of failure on Apple's part.

While fueling those rumors, the report also claims to put another rumor to rest. It says that the next iPhone won't feature a curved display, a feature that Samsung and LG both appear to be eyeing for their future flagships. Bloomberg had reported back in November that Apple was looking into curved displays for future iPhones.

All of this is hinging on one report, so take it for what you will. Apple rumors often fly every which way, many ultimately amounting to nothing, but those from the WSJ tend to be worth paying attention to. If this scoop is legit, then Samsung's Galaxy phones may have some stiffer competition later this year.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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I highly doubt anyone knows exactly what Apple is going to release. Apple probably hasn't even decided for sure, but is probably experimenting with prototypes.

Keith Lamb

I really though at least you guys will refrain from speculations... report facts. Not fiction or rumours!

Arno Huyssteen

If they would take back my 5C, I would go the Samsung or HTC One... While loyal in the past with the first Lisa, Mac, Mac plus Mac pro, etc... Sick and tired of hearing that they are the best and if you don't like it lump it.

Glad I do not own stock.....

Erwin Lapschies

Seriously Arno? Apple pre-release "facts"? you must be the last guy on earth totally unaware of Apple's product development secrecy.


That will really be funny if as in the picture, the 5, 6 and phablet all look identical except for size.


I hope Samsung and the like SUE the crap out of apple for copying the idea of a phablet... hopefully they'll win and get billions using the same idiotic rationale that Apple used to win their suit. round corners,, phhff.

Michael Ronneseth

"All of this is hinging on one report, so take it for what you will. " Understatement. Journalists just can't resist using the bait of an Apple release rumor to increase page views. How about "iPhone 6 Reported to Have Time Travel Function. Apple Declines Comment."

Bob Humbly

This is exactly what apple needed to do! Last year, I thought I'd try a bigger screened phone so I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I hated it so much that I as soon as the iPhone 5S came out, I went back to the iPhone. Android (in my humble opinion, having experience with both iPhone and Android phones) sucks!


BJB - my buddy did exactly that!! I asked him where his iPhone was and he grimaced at me and told me he'd traded it in. He has 2 years of 'android' suckage to suffer through. Poor guy. Now when a fandroid starts on about their Also-ran WhateverPhone 9 I just smile. Trust me, go and drive a BMW 328i and then a Kia Rio, only then will you understand.

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