Bird of Prey bike takes a new position on cycling

When it comes to bicycles with different types of seating positions, everyone is familiar with uprights and recumbents. There is, however, a lesser-known third option – prone. While these have formerly been limited to one-off bikes aimed at speed record attempts, Bird of Prey Bicycles is now offering a semi-prone aimed at everyday users. It may look a little quirky, but it's claimed to have several advantages over other bikes.Read More

​AirDonkey takes the sharing economy to two wheels

If you only cycle occasionally, a bike will just sit gathering dust or not be worth buying in the first place. A new service called AirDonkey provides a third option – a sharing system that lets people rent out their bikes when they're not using them or hire one just when they need to.Read More

Compact Wheezy trailer snaps onto your bike and makes it electric

On-bike electric drives like the ConoDrive and Electron Wheel aren't the only means of adding some electric muscle to your pedaling. Powered bike trailers like the compact Ridekick or cargo-hauling Brouhaha bring their own drive wheels and give your pedaling a little extra oomph. The new, UK-designed Wheezy is a compact, easy-to-use electric trailer option. Make your bike a little more Wheezy and you can expect to be a little less so.

Read More

Review: Magnic Light iC combines best features of battery and dynamo bike lights

When it comes to power for bike lights, there are two main options: batteries that have to be charged/replaced, and dynamos. The latter either push against the side of the tire, have to be pre-built into one of the hubs, or require magnets to be mounted on the wheel – in all cases, dynamos also create a slight braking effect when in use. German inventor Dirk Strothmann's Magnic Light iC, however, lets the wheel spin freely and doesn't require the installation of anything other than the compact light itself. Is it too good to be true? We tried out the latest version, in order to find out.Read More

TurnCycle automatically backs up cyclists' hand signals with LED display

Although we've already seen various illuminated turn indicators for bicycles, the fact is that cyclists should still also be using traditional hand signals. Activating an electronic indicator while also making a hand signal, however, could be a bit of a hassle. That's where the TurnCycle comes in. It uses the rider's hand signals to automatically activate a separate LED turn indicator.Read More

See.Sense Icon bike lights know what's going on, and communicate with your phone

It was just a couple of years ago that we first heard about See.Sense bike lights. Using integrated sensors, they can determine when the rider is doing things such as going through a road junction, navigating a roundabout, or moving through lanes of traffic – they can also tell when the sun is going down, or when vehicle headlights are approaching. In all cases, the lights respond by shining brighter and blinking faster. Now, their inventors have added even more functions by creating a connected version of the lights, known as See.Sense Icon.Read More

The Chameleon is built for fun, wheelie good fun

Think of an e-bike that sports pedals and something like Rimac's pricey Greyp G12S or the cheaper, but not quite as stunning, Hard Tail from Dyson Bikes may pop into your head. The scooter-like Chameleon from Daymak probably wouldn't even register a blip on your brain's radar. Yet this LED-packing, smartphone-controlled, PV-boosted electric bike is being pitched as the "most enjoyable e-bike you'll ever ride," and features a turbo mode that allows a rider to pop the kind of wheelies Gary Rothwell would be proud of.Read More


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