Wire Brake replaces conventional bike brake levers

Fixie bikes are all about simplicity. Besides just having one fixed gear with no associated derailleurs, shifters or freehubs, many of them don't even have brakes – instead, riders just stop them by stopping pedalling. Italian manufacturer OML, however, has introduced a braking system that may meet the minimalist standards of fixie riders. It's called Wire Brake, and it replaces two brake levels with a single plastic-housed wire.Read More

Haize keeps navigation simple by pointing cyclists in the right direction

Cyclists trying to navigate unfamiliar city streets have a growing number of options available to avoid yanking out their smartphone at every fork in the road. Signaling devices that mount on the handlebars and built-in LED indicators are just a couple of recent examples, and now UK-based startup Onomo is looking to get in on the action with its Haize navigation system. Working much like a compass, the device points the rider in the direction of their destination but leaves them to work out the route.Read More

AIM mountain bike stem can be set to three riding positions

Mountain bikes' handlebar stems are a bit of a compromise. They put the bars at a length and angle that are generally good for most types of riding, but that aren't necessarily ideal for any one. While adjustable-angle stems do exist, most still don't let you change the length. Well, that's why Spain's 3FStech created the AIM stem. With the push of a button, it lets riders switch between three bar angles and reach lengths.Read More

New Canyon CF SLX bike blends aerodynamics and integrated storage

The latest high-tech triathlon bike from Germany's Canyon Bicycles GmbH, the Speedmax CF SLX aims to keep the competitor prepared and refreshed with its integrated storage. A hydration system between the grips, a lunch box on the top tube and a tool box under the saddle ensure that the rider is left wanting for naught, all without slowing him or her down. It was introduced at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii earlier this month, where it helped bring home first place.

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Review: StaFast revisits the suspension handlebar stem

Various bicycle components companies have been attempting to market suspension handlebar stems since at least the 90s, mostly to little success. Indeed, many of those stems are now mocked, with their overbuilt construction, pogo-like springs or stiff elastomer dampers. But now Michigan-based manufacturer Aeroforge is taking another crack at it, using modern technology to create its StaFast stem. We took it out for a few rides to see how much difference a couple of decades make.Read More

Levicle folding bike rides like a balance bike for adults

The balance bike isn't a new idea, but it's one that's been gaining steam over the past several years. Balance bicycles and hybrids like the Wishbone Bike and ZumZum have been popping up regularly, positioned as learning tools for young children. Entrepreneur and inventor Tom Mackenzie believes the balance bike can be an effective commuting tool for adults, too. His Levicle is a simple, compact folding bike that gives your legs the power and glide of wheels. Read More


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