Lightweight Freygeist e-bike looks and lifts more like a regular bike

Some are louder than others, but e-bikes are usually easy to spot. Evidence like a battery pack sticking up off the down tube, a thick, rectangular top tube or a large motor on the wheel is hard to miss. German startup Freygeist believes that the electric bike should look and feel more like the classic pedal bike. Its new Classic pedelec is virtually indistinguishable as an electric thanks to cleanly integrated hardware and a 26.5-lb curb weight. You won't notice the electric drive until it kicks in.
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Front-wheel-drive KerVelo bike eliminates the chain

Recumbent bicycles may offer a more comfortable riding position, but they typically also have pretty long chains. After all, power has to be transmitted from the pedals at the front to the drive wheel at the back. Norway-based inventor Marc Le Borgne, however, has created an alternative. His KerVelo recumbent has an 18-speed gearhub transmission built into the front wheel.Read More

Bindio lets cyclists leave their lock at home

There's no denying that good-quality bike locks tend to be heavy, plus they're often awkward to carry. While we have seen efforts to make them lighter and less obtrusive, Latvian startup GreyNut has gone a step farther – its Bindio system simply places the lock at a parking spot at the cyclist's destination, so it's already there waiting for them.Read More

Mini Bar/Barstow system shoves a chain tool up your handlebar

In order to remain sleek and compact, most of today's cycling multitools lack a chain-repair tool. Well, the guys at Philadelphia-based Mineral Design have addressed that limitation, with their two-part Mini Bar and Barstow system. It consists of a pocketable magnetic multi-bit wrench, paired up with a separate chain tool that sits inside the handlebar.Read More

Garmin's Varia Vision brings smarts to regular cycling glasses

Cyclists already have their pick of several brands of Google Glass-like smart glasses, which display data in riders' peripheral vision – this means that they don't have to look down at a cycling computer or smartphone display, taking their eyes off the road in the process. However, what if they already have a pair of "dumb" glasses that they want to keep using? Well, that's where Garmin's Varia Vision add-on comes in.Read More

Boncho bike poncho puts brakes on the rain

Waterproofs and ponchos might keep you dry when you're out for a walk, but they don't really cut it when you're on a bike. Your arms and legs are left exposed and it can make for a cold, wet and miserable ride. The Boncho waterproof, however, acts like a pop-up tent to keep cyclists dry.Read More

FUBifixie looks like most bikes, but folds up in seconds

When most people think of a folding bicycle, they likely picture something with small wheels and a funny-looking frame. That's why several years ago, Finnish designer Ulf Laxström created the FUBi – it's a folding bike with full-size wheels and a more-or-less traditional-looking frame. Now, his son Zakarias has introduced the FUBifixie. It's even more normal in appearance, plus it offers some other advantages over the original.Read More

Bicycle inner tube pumps itself up as you ride

It was three years ago that we first heard about inventor Benjamin Krempel's PumpTire – it was a prototype bicycle tire that used wheel motion to keep itself inflated. While it was an interesting idea, it would require users to give up their existing tires, plus the peristaltic pumping mechanism would be compromised once the tread wore away. Well, he has now come up what sounds like a better alternative: the PumpTube.Read More

STiKK bike light gets STuKK in the end of the handlebar

Recent technological advances may have put us in a sort of "bike light renaissance," but the fact remains that some people just don't want a headlight cluttering up their handlebars. Much smaller headlights do exist, but they tend to be pretty weak. Well, that's where STiKK comes in. It's an unobtrusive li'l light that puts out up to 100 lumens.
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