Mokumono's monocoque design catches the eye – and brings manufacturing home

No matter what they're made from, most bicycle frames take the form of multiple tubes that are joined together at the ends. It's a tried and trusted design, but according to Dutch designing brothers Bob and Tom Schiller, it's difficult to fully automate. As a result, bike companies tend to get their frames built overseas, in countries where the labor is cheap. In an effort to change that, the Schillers have created the Mokumono bike.Read More

Flashy cycling gloves feature automatic LED turn indicators

If you like the idea of cycling gloves with turn-indicating LEDs on the back, then you'll probably like Zackees, which have been around for a few years now. You do need to activate those LEDs yourself, however, by touching a contact in the thumb of the glove to one in the index finger. If that's just a bit too much of a bother, then you might prefer a pair of beSEENs.Read More

Ikea rolls out customizable, chain-free bike for urban folk

Ikea is taking its design prowess out of the home and into the city streets, with the unveiling of a customizable unisex bike. It won't be released until August, but the Sladda bicycle has already notched up an esteemed "Best of the Best" Red Dot Award and, as is typical of the Swedish furniture maker, appears to tastefully strike a balance between simplicity and functionality. Read More

All four limbs power the 2WD TwiCycle

Remember the Varibike? It's a bicycle that can be pedalled with both the arms and the legs, allowing for more of a full-body workout. Well, if an upcoming crowdfunding campaign is successful, it'll soon have some competition … in the form of the TwiCycle.Read More

Halbrad half-bike is a rolling rear triangle for the streets

Why spend time folding your bike in half when you can just jump on half a bike and ride? A unique last mile solution, the German-designed Halbrad (that's "Halfbike" in English) packs the two wheels, pedals and handlebars of a bicycle on a reengineered rear triangle. This half-bike actually looks more like a third of a bike, and it pedals the streets and carries and stores easily thanks to those compact dimensions.
Read More

The analog bike speedometer rides again, with a little help from GPS

There was a time, back before cyclometers and smartphone cycling apps, when some bikes came with novelty mechanical speedometers. While no one is suggesting bringing those back, Finnish startup Omata is taking a step in that direction – its One speedometer uses modern GPS tech to track the rider's speed, but that information is displayed on a good ol' analog dial.Read More

Stem-integrated bike light stays onboard and unobtrusive

Headlights are essential for night-time bike commuting, but they can also be a bit of a hassle. Among other things, they can get stolen (unless they're "theft-proof"), you might forget to bring them, and they can clutter up your handlebars. British product designer Anirudha Surabhi Venkata set out to change that, with his stem-integrated Lumineer light.Read More


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