Hide‐A‐Ride bike takes the high road to bike storage

Cycling and city living go well together for a number of reasons, but ease of storage certainly isn't one of them. Hide-A-Ride is a mechanical rack designed to make things a little easier by suspending bikes against the ceiling and out of the way, leaving valuable floorspace free of their clunky frames. Read More

BestiaNera Sport e-bike may keep you up at night

With the exception of electric mountain bikes, most e-bikes tend to be fairly conservative-looking things. We do say "most," however, as the beastly BestiaNera Sport is certainly a head-turner. Made by Italy's TºRed Bikes and designed by Romolo Stanco, it's also one of the world's lightest electrics, tipping the scales at just 9.8 kg (21.6 lb).Read More

Clipon Bottle breaks out of the cage

Perhaps you don't like having a water bottle cage cluttering up your bike, or you have multiple bikes and you don't want to buy separate cages for each one. If so, then you're the target market for the Clipon Bottle. As its name implies, it simply clips onto your bike's frame as needed.Read More

Mad 6 carbon fiber mountain bike is for kids only

Children's mountain bikes often end up just being stunted "lesser" versions of their adult-sized counterparts, not necessarily weighing much less. Australia's CarbonXScycles, however, has taken a different approach with its Mad 6. The lightweight carbon fiber bike is designed from the ground up to fit li'l riders, to the point that it even features a custom dual suspension.Read More

Stebles Bike will sport integrated carbon fiber fenders

If you're a cyclist who rides in the rain frequently, chances are that you're going to put fenders on your daily commuter bike. Doing so can be a hassle, however, plus they often end up rattling or rubbing. That's why UK product designer Mark Stebles created his Stebles Bike – its front and rear mudguards are actually part of its frame.Read More

Wearable power meter tracks output through cyclists' feet

Tracking power output for competitive cyclists can be key to identifying areas in need of improvement, but it has traditionally meant installing expensive power meters in crank arms on each bike that they use. Start-up Brim Brothers is aiming to offer a little more flexibility with a wearable power meter that is fitted to the cyclist's shoes to measure force regardless of their choice of ride. Read More

Craig Calfee: Rear suspension will revolutionize road-race cycling

Suspension has long been a dirty word among road-racing cyclists, but if carbon fiber wizard and cycling visionary Craig Calfee nails his latest prediction as cleanly as his previous ones, it won't be long before every rider in the Tour de France is enjoying the comfort, performance and traction benefits of a suspended rear end. Calfee's top-of-the-line Manta bikes now feature an incredibly simple, lightweight rear suspension spring with a tiny 12 mm of travel that he believes will revolutionize the sport. Gizmag visited the Calfee workshop in Santa Cruz to find out more.Read More

Propella e-bikes look casual and power up via throttle or pedal assist

As we see each year at events like the North American Handmade Bicycle Show and Eurobike, bicycle designers will experiment with just about any style of frame. But they always seems to come back to the tried-and-true classic – the diamond frame. Perhaps, it's no wonder, then, that the e-bike industry is following suit. Propella is the latest startup to disguise its e-bike as a simple diamond-frame bicycle. Unlike a regular diamond-frame bicycle, this one has a versatile electric drive with both a throttle and a pedal assist system.
Read More


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