Bicycle "operating system" gears up for 2017 release

The more that technology advances, the greater the variety of electronic gadgets that can be installed on our bikes. Lights are an obvious example, but there are also electronic shifting and suspension systems, along with things like actioncams, phone chargers, and cycling computers. As it stands right now, they're almost all stand-alone items, receiving power independently and sometimes working to cross purposes. Randall Jacobs and Kyle Manna hope to change that, with their OpenBike "connected bicycle ecosystem."Read More

VanMoof's new bike boasts extra smarts

Although e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular, we're also hearing more and more about smart bikes – these are bikes that don't have a motor, but that do have electronic features designed to make life easier for their riders. Dutch manufacturer VanMoof has just jumped on the bandwagon with its aptly-named SmartBike, which should prove particularly challenging to thieves.Read More

Ocean-going cyclist envisions a World With No Borders

"There is one planet, and if we don't share it wisely, we will lose it." That's what Iranian-born Dutch adventurer Ebrahim Hemmatnia said in 2014, before beginning a pedal-powered trip around the world. While his intention is to draw attention to how interconnected we all are, it's his unique mode of transport that's really turning heads. Named Melanie, the four-wheeled propeller-equipped vehicle can be pedalled on both land and water. Amazingly, he's already used it to cross the Atlantic Ocean – setting the Guinness Record for "Longest journey by amphibious bicycle" in the process.Read More

Transforming tricycle hauls kids or cargo in comfort

Bicycles are fantastic modes of transportation when it's just you and maybe some gear in a backpack. But things start to get a little complicated if there also happens to be groceries to grab and/or toddlers to tote. Well, the latest from Taga Bikes is able to handle all that and more. The Taga 2.0 combines the features of a family bike with the load capacity of a cargo bike.Read More


Benelli Achle 29: Three weeks commuting on an Italian eBike

Italian motorcycle manufacturer Benelli has branched out into eBike territory and hit the market hard with no less than 19 separate models. The Benelli Achle 29 is a hub-drive electric mountain bike with stylish looks, nice componentry and some 250 watts of pedal-assist power to turn uphills into no-hills and long torturous commutes into something much more manageable for people who don't spray on lycra shorts each morning. Loz Blain is the polar opposite of a granite-calved fitness freak, so he's been commuting on the Achle for the past few weeks to find out what the fuss is all about.Read More

Bike Mine presents an explosive solution to bike theft

There are a ton of bike locks and anti-theft solutions on the market, but it seems that no matter how a bike owner attempts to thwart thieves, his or her bike is always at risk of disappearing at the hands of a determined criminal. So maybe it shouldn't be a surprise that one man's solution is to strap a detonator to the frame and blow the thief off the bike – a design we think even Wile E. Coyote (super genius) would approve of. But it still is (a surprise). Read More

Electric fat folder hauls cargo on and off road

Last year, Italy's Bad Bikes presented an interesting combination of slim, super-portable bike frame, bulging, fat tires and electric power – an electric folding fat bike designed to ride over smooth and rough terrain, hop on the train or bus, and follow its rider into the office. Seattle's Rad Power Bikes goes one better, combining the electric folder, fat bike and cargo bike into a small, folding workhorse that can motor or pedal-assist groceries, tools and other cargo wherever you need to get to.
Read More


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