Veteran Italian icons team up for luxury carbon bike


December 14, 2011

Italian high fashion meets veteran bicycle engineering in the very expensive Bianchi by Gucci carbon bike

Italian high fashion meets veteran bicycle engineering in the very expensive Bianchi by Gucci carbon bike

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When a cycling helmet is priced at nearly US$900, a pair of cycling gloves at over US$300 and a water bottle at US$105, it's a sure thing that the bike that goes with them is going to be really, really expensive. Such is the case with the new Bianchi by Gucci carbon fiber two-wheeler, which sees two Italian veterans come together for the release of this US$14,000 bike. Read on for a rundown of the key specs.

Designed by Gucci's creative director Frida Giannini, the Bianchi by Gucci bike is available in two models - an eleven-speed black carbon fiber model that's described as an urban/off-road bicycle, and a white single-speed city bike fashioned from steel. Both come with Gucci's famous signature green-red-green web stripe branding on the tube.

The 22 pound (just under 10 kg) Carbon Urban (model number Y2BM1) has a Shimano ALFINE internal gear hub at the rear, with ALFINE shifters, crankset, sprocket and derailleur, and a 116-link Shimano CN-HG73 super narrow chain. There's a Shimano XT front hub, Shimano PD-A530 pedals, Shimano ALFINE hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, an FSA Orbit CE Plus headset, HL TDS-D392 B-8, 3D forged alloy stem, and an HL Alloy AL-110BT EN-M handlebar with Velo grips. Rounding off the specs are Ambrosio Pulse alloy rims with Vittoria Randonneur Hyper tires, an RC SP-928-G carbon fiber seat post and a custom San Marco Mantra saddle.

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to US$14,000 for the Carbon Urban, the white hydro-formed steel single-speed bike called the Pista (model number Y2BM3) is available for a slightly less heart-stopping US$6,200. This model features a VP-692W headset, a Leechi stem and Leadtec handlebar, and Shimano caliper brakes. There's an FSA model Gimondi CK-633S crankset, VP-189TR pedals, a KMC Z610H chain in white, a Track F15 wheelset with Hutchinson Nitro tires, a Kalloy SP-600 seatpost and San Marco Regal saddle.

Stumping up such a huge wad of cash for even the basic model may seem somewhat out of place in the current economic climate, but folks who snap these up will very likely be the same kind of style-conscious buyers who can afford to pay US$295 for a Gucci-branded scented candle without so much as a second thought.

Even so, with the cost of replacement in the event of theft being so high, buyers might want to consider swapping the designer water bottle for one that offers built in security. Better still, why not remind the rest of us that your new Gucci ride is way beyond our reach by actually stowing it way out of reach between trips?

The Bianchi by Gucci bikes are available at a limited number of Gucci stores around the globe, and will also be shown off at the Bianchi Café&Cycles; concept store in Stockholm.

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Thanks, but I\'ll stick with my front-rear suspension, 21-speed, disc-braked $85 bike from Target d\'-teehe)


Anybody that pays $105 for a water bottle deserves a $14,000 bike. And I bet Gucci is laughing all the way to the bank....


Just bought a Felt QX70... weighs about 4 pounds more than this but it was 15 times less expensive.

Dana Lawton

Granted that it may in fact be a very nice bike - but take away the prestige factor, or the inflated mark up for wankers with more money than brains - the $5000 bike with the $10,000 worth of adhesive labels isn\'t much of a buy.

As one poser bike shop owner said, \"See these wrap around polycarbonate cycling glasses? - They cost $350 each\".

To which I replied, \"See these wrap around, tinted, optically correct, polycarbonate safety glasses from the local hardware store? - They cost $7 each.\"

Inflated ego meets prick.

Mr Stiffy

Seriously? $14,000 and it doesn\'t even come with an XTR hub??? And Alfine brakes? Alfine brakes are equipped on cheap $400 bikes! This is the biggest rip-off I\'ve ever seen in bicycle history. I highly doubt Gucci actually took part in desigining the bike, besides maybe charging Bianchi $600 per bike to just put their brand name on each bike. I hope whoever buys the bike gets it stolen after a couple rides.

Sambath Pech

I\'m glad I wasn\'t wealthy when I was young, or I\'d have bought one. Now that I\'m old, I\'m thankful for my electric bike. Hills don\'t laugh at me anymore...I laugh at them!!!


Conspicuous consumption is alive and well. All show and no go, perfect for people with too many dollars and too little sense.


Clearly these are not meant to be ridden, just parked and talked about. Maybe the odd braggart will actually buy one to be mounted over his fireplace and used as a conversation piece whilst closing profitable business over an iced drink. Maybe then he can legitimately claim a tax write-off (but I doubt it).

People who buy such wrong-minded status symbols deserve the fleecing and, after the novelty has worn off, are no further ahead.

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