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Bentley's fastest car ever gets even faster


February 25, 2014

The 2015 Continental GT Speed

The 2015 Continental GT Speed

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The Bentley Continental GT Speed is already one of the road's most electrifying combinations of luxury, power and performance. At the Geneva Motor Show, Bentley will add an extra bit of muscle to the "fastest production Bentley ever." It will also show the new Flying Spur V8.

The Continental GT Speed isn't wanting for power or torque, but Bentley tweaks the two-door's 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 for just a tad more. The updated engine packs 10 extra horses, up to 626 bhp, along with 605 lb-ft (820 Nm) of torque. That upgrade pins an extra mph on the car's top speed, letting confident drivers work their way right up to 206 mph/331 km/h (203 mph/327 km/h in the convertible). Zero to 60 mph happens in an even 4 seconds.

To help separate the 2015 Speed from those oh-so-outdated 616-bhp models, Bentley has performed some minor styling revisions, outside and in. The front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser are painted to match the body color for the first time. Red brake calipers peek through the 21-in Speed wheels, which get a dark tint finish, as do the headlamps and tail lamps. Chrome "Speed" badges on the front fenders and a new Candy Red color option round out the short list of exterior revisions.

Inside, the new Speed patterning package combines a dark monotone base with contrasting stripes and stitching. "Speed" is badged on the passenger side and sewn into the headrests.

Bentley also announced that it is extending the availability of its 500-bhp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine to the Flying Spur sedan. That engine feeds into the same ZF eight-speed automatic and AWD system as in the W12 model, sending the four-door rolling to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 5.2 seconds. The Flying Spur V8 model gets a few subtle visual distinctions, including chrome figure eight exhaust tips and a red center in the Bentley wing emblem.

Both the upgraded Continental GT Speed and Flying Spur V8 will make their world debuts at next week's Geneva Motor Show. We'll be pacing the Palexpo to bring you all the news from the show.

Source: Bentley

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Drool--Sigh If I had the money, I would purchase both the Flying Spur and Continental GT and add some modifications to make them look even hotter. Until then, I'll just dream while enjoying my less expensive Modern Mopar Muscle vehicles.

Marco Corona

Yeah, 'cause, I really need to exceed the speed limit. Not. Oh well, whatever it takes to get Rich Richie to part with his money.


I recall the days when some sort of excessive 4-wheeled conveyance would be shown and I would comment on the amazing vehicle to my Father who would listen patiently and then ask me a question... What is the speed limit?

This sort of stupidity will never go away, it is the price we pay for living in an age of oligarchs. Guys with more money than intelligence, and a society which revels in this sort of lavishly stupid idea.


I smell a few jealous people. Oh well. Its only 612hp. Just means if i see one on the road i'll have to run high boost rather than low boost to take it :)

Michael Wilson

If someone gave me the dollar amount it costs to buy one of these, I'd rather pay off my mortgage, upgrade to a bigger house (mortgage free) with a huge solar array and purchase a Tesla Model S with the change.

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