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BenQ's environmentally friendly widescreen LCDs


August 19, 2008

BenQ's new E900HD widescreen monitor

BenQ's new E900HD widescreen monitor

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August 19, 2008 Two new 19” LCD monitors from BenQ replace the traditional four-lamp apparatus with two without affecting the brightness of the monitor screen. The energy saving technology used in the E900HD and G900HD allows users to cut down power consumption by 25%, decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 25% and cut mercury emissions by 50%. Aside from their green credentials the new slim monitors feature BenQ’s Senseye+Photo Image Technology, which are designed to give the best viewing quality via five pre-set modes including Standard Mode for reading text, Movie Mode for watching video, Photo Mode for viewing images, Dynamic Mode for well-lit environments and sRGB Mode for obtaining consistent, true-to-film images in all sRGB-compliant devices.

The 16:9 720p monitors both feature 1366x768 resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio, 300cd/m2 brightness, 5ms response time, and D-sub and DVI-D connections with HDCP support – in fact the only difference spec-wise between the two monitors appears to be that the E900HD has built-in speakers and a headphone jack.

For further info visit BenQ.

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