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July 18, 2012

Nook for Web on a laptop

Nook for Web on a laptop

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Barnes & Noble has introduced Nook for Web, which lets users access new digital content as well as their previously purchased eBooks on all PC and Mac-supported Web browsers. No sign-in or software download is required for Nook for Web, which is hosted on Barnes and Noble's library sites. Now readers without a Nook eReader can browse, sample, or purchase the millions of titles in Barnes & Noble's range.

Among the useful features of Nook for Web is the ability to switch between reading a book between your Nook tablet and Nook for Web, with the service keeping track of your place in the book. The majority of Nook eBooks have free samples available that can be read using Nook for Web by clicking on the new "Read Instantly" icons. The display can be toggled between showing a single page and a double page. Font size and style can also be customized to suit your preferences.

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Fans of social networks will be able to rate, review, share thoughts, or recommend eBooks without leaving the page being read and most of the supplementary material available on the Nook can also be accessed using Nook for Web. For those not especially keen to curl up in bed with their laptop, support is also coming this northern autumn to extend Nook for Web to Internet-enabled tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. For the time being, NOOK for Web runs on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers on Mac and PC.

Source: Barnes & Noble

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