A helping hand for the backyard chef - the Barbecue Hand Crank


January 17, 2010

The Barbecue Hand Crank produces a stream of air at the turn of a handle

The Barbecue Hand Crank produces a stream of air at the turn of a handle

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Any avid fans of the barbecue grill out there will know that there is little more annoying than having to constantly attend to making sure the charcoal keeps on burning, often resulting in ever bigger huffs and puffs. Well huff and puff no more with what is a very simple yet effective looking solution to backyard breathlessness, the Barbecue Hand Crank.

As the name suggests the Barbecue Hand Crank is a hand held and operated portable blower that lets the user produce a stream of constant air with a simple turn of the handle. As well as keeping a backyard chef's face away from the fire, the device can help to control dust and sparks.

The handy accessory is available from Uxsight for around US$5.


Would also be handy for indoor fireplaces... they need some huffing and blowing, too. Most people have bellows for that, but this would supply endless stream of air for reigniting fires. Neat!


This product has been available in South Africa for some years now. Wonder if it was developed here?

John Flower

I read the email and look for new gadgets to buy. I thought this looked ideal but when it arrived i was disapointed. The design is great but the handle is a small plastic push in fit which when you operate keeps falling out. I think the hand crank could do with updating. I wonder if you tried out also gizmag??


I had a few of these. It\'s a great concept and great to have if you have one that works. Problems with this include (from new), plastic handle breaks easily, some of them are more noisy than others, the plastic gears inside strip easily or gears do not make contact with each other. But I will definitely buy another one if they improve the design and address the problems and workmanship. Might be too much to ask for though.

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