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Active Chair works your core, but looks normal


December 10, 2013

Balance King's Active Chair makes you work to keep your butt level

Balance King's Active Chair makes you work to keep your butt level

Although there are differing opinions regarding the health benefits of using a fit ball as a seat, a lot of people swear by it. That said, they don't always do it, because using a big inflated rubber ball as an office chair just makes them feel a little too silly. That's why Hungarian company Balance King has created its normal-looking Active Chair.

The top section of the chair (that part that you sit in) is joined to the base by a joint that allows it to tilt 360 degrees off its horizontal axis. As is the case with a fit ball, the idea is that instead of just passively resting your butt on it, you'll be constantly working your core muscles in order to maintain your balance.

Unlike a fit ball, however, it looks like a regular chair, and won't roll away on you when you're not using it. Also, the tilting feature can be temporarily disabled with a locking mechanism. This means that users can gradually wean themselves into full-time "active sitting" using the one chair, instead of having to switch between a regular chair and a fit ball.

Balance King is currently seeking business partners to manufacture and distribute the Active Chair. If it does reach production, it will be facing competition from other regular-looking active office chairs already on the market, such as those offered by Wilkhahn and SpinaliS.

Source: Balance King

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The Wilkhahn and SpinaliS are superior looking chairs! This might be great for people looking for a turtle-shell blah chair from the 70's, but seriously, why is Gizmag posting articles of 3rd-to-market inferior products? Am I missing something?

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