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Baby Bunk keeps baby conveniently close to you


February 15, 2010

Baby Bunk sleeper positions baby right next to your bed for convenient feeding and comforting

Baby Bunk sleeper positions baby right next to your bed for convenient feeding and comforting

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Brand new babies are divine but can be demanding - with some needing to be fed or comforted every two to three hours. Whilst the daytime feeds can be OK, it might be more of a struggle to get out of bed for the night feeds. With the Baby Bunk sleeper you won’t have to. It’s a cleverly designed co-sleeper that conveniently positions baby right next to you without having to share your bed. This allows you to stay comfortable during the night and is wonderfully convenient when your baby needs to be fed or comforted.

The Baby Bunk is suitable for newborns up to the age of about six months or 35 pounds. It attaches neatly and securely to the side of your bed using two support arms that sit beneath your mattress and the boxspring. The two solid wood support legs ensure the bunk remains in place and are easily adjustable by hand to suit your bed’s height. The legs have a 7 ½” range and customized legs and a lip-clip are also available for futons or platform beds.

Designed by Side By Side Sleeping, Inc., the Baby Bunk is ideal for Moms who may be recovering from a Caesarean section or want to stay close to their new baby during the night. It is made from solid maple and is available in a water-based clear lacquer finish or white primer finish ready to be painted or stained. A conversion kit is also available so you can convert the bed into a toddler’s bench seat when baby has outgrown it.

The Baby Bunk measures 12" high x 15 3/4" deep x 36 1/4" wide and weighs 38 pounds. You can purchase a foam, vinyl covered mattress (15” x 33”) or three-sided bumper and cotton or organic bedding is also available.

Available from Side By Side Sleeping, the Baby Bunk can be rented for US$40 per month (with a US$50 refundable security deposit and rental agreement) or purchased for US$295 (clear lacquer finish).

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Wouldn\'t it be just as easy to simply place a crib right next to your bed?


My mom said that when I was a baby, she used to pull out the dresser drawer closest to bed height and bed me down there! I bet I\'m not the only one that happened to. Sounds pretty practical. The other thing she used to do was to tether me (with a safe harness) to the clothes line so I wouldn\'t run off while she got the laundry done. This was in the country back in 1950 or so. You wouldn\'t do that now for fear of predators who have lost fear of man! Also, if you had neighbors, what would they think? (we didn\'t) I was pretty frustrated until I settled down and started playing with my toys, then just happy clam!

Will, the tink
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