Mazzanti's 1,000-hp Evantra Millecavalli – an Italian record-breaker?

Mazzanti isn't Italy's most famous supercar marque, but it's trying hard to get its name in households, producing different versions of its Evantra supercar each year. In 2014, we saw a 701-hp camouflaged Evantra prototype at Top Marques Monaco. Last year, it was an upgraded 751-hp Evantra in White Dolomite paint. This year, it's the most dramatically upgraded Evantra yet: the 1,000-hp Evantra Millecavalli.Read More

Mobile-only service provides quick-fire car hire

A new start-up has taken the often protracted process of hiring a car back to the drawing board and rolled out a new streamlined take on the service. Virtuo employs a mobile-only approach, with customers registering, making bookings and gaining access to vehicles all via their smartphone.Read More

Mercedes sends G550 Squared roaming toward US market

The Mercedes G500 4×4² gained momentum about as fast as you might expect a hulking 4x4 to do, moving from 2015 Geneva show car to confirmed for production in just a few months, then on to an appearance at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show a few months later. That momentum continues, as the 4×4² will make the trip to the United States, where it will be sold as the G550 4×4² and unleashed upon remote stretches of Utah desert, Pacific Northwest forest, North Carolina mountain ... and a whole lot of good old fashioned highway and parking lot in between. Read More

3,000 hp Venturi returning to Bonneville in search of elusive EV speed record

Rain may have stopped Venturi from taking the VBB-3 to the absolute max at Bonneville in the past, but the French team hasn't given up on its dream of taking out the electric land speed record. With that goal in mind, Venturi Automobiles will be back at Bonneville in September, with fingers and toes crossed hoping the wet weather doesn't prevent a run at the record for the fourth year running. Read More

Mercedes flags 500 km EV platform, wireless charging and a hydrogen hybrid

As alternative powertrains move towards the mainstream, there is increasing pressure to create versatile platforms capable of handling a range of propulsion systems without huge development costs on each individual model. Volvo has SPA, Volkswagen has MQB and now Mercedes has used TecDay in Stuttgart to announce a dedicated platform for pure electric cars, alongside plans for wireless EV charging and a hydrogen plug-in hybrid SUV. Read More

Maserati Quattroporte gets brush up inside and out

There may have been a few questions hanging over its head, but the current generation Quattroporte has been an unquestionable success for Maserati. Over 24,000 have been sold since 2013, which still doesn't put it anywhere near the same universe as big brands like Audi or Mercedes, but are big numbers for a boutique maker turning out luxury saloons. Maserati is looking to keep the success rolling with a refreshed version of its big four door.Read More

Engine options galore for new-look Clio

Renault has announced an update of its best-selling model, the Clio. Twenty-six years after its first appearance, the new Clio is more evolution than revolution, but Renault promises a higher-end car with refined exterior styling, more color options and a high-quality interior finish.Read More


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