McLaren's 570S and 540C Sport series shine in absolutely horrific weather

Howling wind, lashing rain and deep standing water on the road: ideal conditions to test the braking and stability electronics of two gorgeous British supercars. McLaren Australia helicoptered Loz Blain and Scott Collie out to the Yarra Valley to drive the exquisite 570S and 540C Sport series cars in some of the worst driving weather we've ever experienced. The most affordable and accessible cars McLaren has ever made managed to shine regardless of this biblical deluge.Read More

Nissan EVs to join the grid in UK trial

Nissan has partnered with power company Enel to launch a pilot program in the UK allowing electric vehicle owners to sell energy from their car batteries back into the grid. As well as allowing EV drivers to make a bit of extra cash from their cars, Nissan sees the program as the first step towards using cars as mobile energy hubs. The announcement came alongside the launch of the xStorage home battery, which uses recycled Leaf batteries for home energy storage.Read More

Audi shows its endurance with limited edition R8 V10 plus selection 24h

Audi is gearing up for this year's Nürburgring 24 Hours by celebrating its 2015 victory and the close relationship between its R8 race cars and R8 production sports cars. The R8 LMS GT3 debuted to rule the day (and night) at Nürburgring last year, besting BMW by 40 seconds after the race saw 35 lead changes. The all-new R8 V10 plus "selection 24h" limited edition celebrates this victory with upgraded standard equipment and a race-inspired aesthetics package.
Read More

Faraday Future breaks ground on innovative manufacturing plant

A few weeks ago, startup carmaker Faraday Future (FF) broke ground on a US$1 billion manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be the first plant for the California-based, Chinese backed company that started in 2014 with a view on developing a range of connected electric vehicles. With robot greeters and a long-term goal of being powered completely by renewable energy, the plant is set to be as innovative as the cars that will come out of it. Read More

Riversimple unveils two new hydrogen car concept designs

When the Rasa hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle prototype was launched earlier this year, its unconventional styling was, for some, an acquired taste. At this weekend's London Motor Show Riversimple outlined the potential for an expanded range by showing two new concept designs based on the existing chassis and running gear: a four-door sedan and a light commercial vehicle.Read More


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