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The Fusion Hydrogen 999

After a year of construction and ten years of research, the fuel-cell powered Ford Fusion 999 has scorched across the Salt Flats of Utah at the Bonneville Speed Week, clocking an incredible 207.297 miles per hour and giving Ford the mantle of the world’s first automaker to set a land speed record for a production-based fuel cell powered car.  Read More

Profile of the upcoming Kia concept

August 16, 2007 Kia Motors Corporation has released a second “preview image” of the new 2+2 Sports Coupe concept car it will premiere at the Frankfurt International Motor Show next month.  Read More

The motorcycle of the future?

Outstanding 3D designer Tim Cameron (of V-Rex fame) is behind the concept dubbed “Motorcycle of the Future” that seeks to outline the ideal design criteria needed for making bikes safer, cheaper to repair and harder to steal. The concept - which includes automatic brake drying, traction control, an accidental tip-over warning device and lots of sensible, clever ideas in between – was unveiled earlier this month by MotoGP championship leader Casey Stoner at a launch in Sydney.  Read More

Cayman S “Porsche Design Edition 1”

August 15, 2007 Porsche has announced that the Cayman S “Porsche Design Edition 1” will be available from November. The limited-edition special series of the 295bhp mid-engined coupé will see just 777 released worldwide and keeping in line with the purist nature of the vehicle, the choice of color has been made simple – it's black or black.  Read More

August 15, 2007 The combination of mobile phones and driving has been cited as a major cause of mobile related accidents by Students Against Destructive Decisions and the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group In a survey of over 900 American teens about driving habits, 37% claimed that text messaging while driving is more distracting than having friends in the car and 62% of students said their parents commonly practiced these behaviors while driving.  Read More

157mpg Loremo enters Automotive X PRIZE

The super fuel-efficient LoReMo motor car (that’s 157mpg of super-efficiency) is set to enter the Automotive X PRIZE, a competition designed to foster a new generation of viable, ultra-economic vehicles that are both accessible and affordable to the consumer. The car is among 30 teams that have signed a letter of intent - another 300 are actively considering entry - to compete once the prize is officially funded and launched.  Read More

Networkfleet adds sophisticated vehicle diagnostics to fleet management

August 13, 2007 Networkcar, together with Siemens, has constructed a wireless vehicle management system that not only intricately documents the paths and progress of the cars, but contains a comprehensive vehicle diagnostics program that alerts the fleet manager about any technical difficulties before they become costly problems.  Read More

Chainsaw power

August 12, 2007 Since our first report back in May we’ve been waiting impatiently to see what flavor of unlikely contraptions would emerge at the Silverline Power Tool Drag Racing contest - and if the belt sander-driven toaster and the chainsaw powered wheelbarrow are any indication, the entries did not disappoint. Amazing photo library with this story!  Read More

Big life decisions made in the front seat of the car

August 12, 2007 In today’s increasingly fast-paced, ADHD, lifestyle- and workplace- deconstructed world, there is growing evidence that family relationships are changing dramatically. A new U.K. survey adds further evidence to this phenomena with the news that some of our biggest life-changing decisions are made in the front seat of a car. It seems that the intimate environment and lack of distractions that a car offers creates the ideal environment for significant conversations.  Read More

The original Volkswagen Van sketch

August 10, 2007, We’ve already written up the fact that it’s 60 years since Volkswagen produced the first Transporter (nee Kombi, nee Bulli, nee Camper) but when we saw this sketch that started it all, we got all weak at the knees and felt compelled to do it all again. Inspired by a vehicle staff had built to transport heavy panels around Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg factory, this is the actual concept sketch that led to the first Volkswagen T1 van, famous for its split-windscreen.  Read More

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