Highlights from the 2014 LA Auto Show


New Navigation System guarantees NO SPEEDING FINES

December 5, 2006 In an extraordinary move, a new Satellite Navigation device has been developed that comes with a guarantee that users will not pick up any speeding ticket from any speed camera in the UK. The supplier of the Rossini Navigator & Camera Spotter offers a unique guarantee to pay UKP60 to any motorist that picks up a speeding ticket whilst using the device if no advance warning of the camera is given. Logically, if you don’t button off the pedal once warning has been given, you’re on your own but the guarantee is nonetheless remarkable as the Rossini Navigator identifies more than 24,000 potential speed traps on 270,000 miles of roads throughout the UK and Ireland. Unlike many camera locators the Rossini Navigator has been programmed to warn of mobile speed camera sites and traffic light red light cameras as well as every known Specs, Gatso and Truvelo speed camera in the country.  Read More

Car-2-X Communication: cars that warn each other of impending danger

December 5, 2006 In future, motorists will be able to detect danger even if the danger spot lies around the next bend or over the horizon. This has now been successfully verified by DaimlerChrysler experts and their partners in a field test conducted at the conclusion of the "WILLWARN" (Wireless Local Danger Warning) European research project. During the course of this test, five vehicles equipped with WLAN-based radio technology used the "Car-2-X Communication" system to radio details of critical situations detected by their on-board sensors – fog, black ice or obstacles on the road such as broken-down vehicles – to following cars. These early warnings enabled the drivers of the cars behind to prepare for the danger and adapt their speed in plenty of time.  Read More

New Porsche Cayenne - more power, torque and technology

December 5, 2006 Four years after its debut, Porsche has unveiled the second generation Cayenne. When they go on sale in February 2007, the new Cayenne, Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo will have more powerful, direct petrol injection engines. These Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) power units lower the fuel consumption of individual models by over 8 percent (NEDC). In real driving conditions, Porsche claims savings of up to 15 per cent are possible. The new Cayenne models can be further enhanced by the new Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) roll stabiliser system - an optional active anti-roll system that significantly reduces body roll during cornering, resulting in improved handling and agility, greater directional stability and ride comfort. When off-road, the system increases axle articulation for improved traction.  Read More

First Look at 616 bhp Callaway C16

December 4, 2006 Callaway Cars has released details of its Callaway C16 – the 16th in the lineup of exclusive, built-to-order Callaway automobiles. Based on the current Chevrolet Corvette platform, the C16 produces 616 supercharged bhp and 582 lb-ft of torque. The C16 was drawn and modelled by designer Paul Deutschman, the architect of the Callaway look—from the 254 mph Sledgehammer and our C4-based Le Mans race cars to the C7, the C12 and now the C16, Deutschman’s handcrafted bodywork replaces every panel of the standard body to achieve its integrated look. The C16 also attains a new level of manufacturing efficiency. “In making this car we went from CAD design straight to tooling, bypassing a full-sized model—a first for us,” says company founder Reeves Callaway. “It’s tools like PTC’s Pro/ENGINEER software, our technology partner, that make such efficient car design possible.”  Read More

The Ford Mustang by Giugiaro – a one-of-a-kind concept

NEW IMAGES POSTED December 4, 2006 The 2005 Ford Mustang captured the hearts and minds of millions of fans and future owners when the all-new model debuted. But the proportions and design of Ford’s first purpose-built muscle car in 30-plus years caught the eyes and sparked the imaginations of a pair of the world’s leading coachbuilders in Italy as well.  Read More

World’s first Hydrogen Luxury Performance Automobile – the BMW Hydrogen 7

December 3, 2006 The world’s first hydrogen-drive luxury performance automobile – the BMW Hydrogen 7 – celebrated its world premiere at the Los Angeles International Auto Show with the Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, congratulating the hydrogen initiative. The Hydrogen 7, which has fulfilled all of the criteria of BMW’s rigorous product development process, will be built in a limited series and for selected users during 2007. Based on the familiar 7 Series model, it is equipped with an internal combustion engine capable of running either on hydrogen or on petrol.  Read More

The all-new Land Rover LR2 Premium Compact SUV

December 3, 2006 Land Rover used the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show to unveil its new premium compact SUV, the Land Rover LR2, earlier this week. The fourth new model launched from Land Rover in just four years, LR2 joins the line-up of Range Rover (2002), Land Rover LR3 (2004) and Range Rover Sport (2005). As the latest addition to the sport-utility vehicle manufacturer's line-up, LR2 is all-new from the ground up, with a view to delivering outstanding on-road performance as well as the off-road ability of a Land Rover. Technical highlights of the LR2 include a brand-new 3.2-liter inline-six engine featuring advanced technologies to deliver an outstanding combination of performance and economy.  Read More


December 3, 2006 GM Advanced Design has won the Los Angeles Auto Show’s Design Challenge for the second year in a row. This year’s winning entry is a two-dimensional rendering of a 2015 Blue Sky Concept that addresses environmental sustainability. Called the HUMMER 02, the design was created to demonstrate that daily use of a vehicle could result in a net gain for the environment. The HUMMER 02 Concept features a phototropic body shell that produces pure oxygen throughout the life of the vehicle. Algae-filled body panels transform carbon dioxide into pure oxygen that is subsequently released back into the environment and inside the vehicle.  Read More

The Fioravanti Sensiva Concept

December 2, 2006 Tyre-giant Pirelli has purchased the patent for an innovative new tyre monitoring system from design and styling company Fioravanti. The acquisition of the rights to the Fioravanti patent for monitoring the tyre footprints of a motor vehicle and automatically optimizing the behaviour of the motor vehicle will fast-track Pirelli’s ability to deliver its much-anticipated CyberTyre product to market. CyberTyre is one of a number of new technological systems (including X-Pressure, Safety Wheel System, and CyberWheel) being created by Pirelli with the aim of making tyres ever-more intelligent and interactive. The CyberTyre system instantaneously measures and wirelessly transmits information about the forces regulating vehicle dynamics by way of miniaturised electronic sensors. The small Turin-based Fioravanti company is developing quite a reputation for innovation, having previously developed an ingenious rotating roof design for its 2001 Alfa Romeo LF concept car which was subsequently used by Ferrari in the 575 SuperAmerica.  Read More

Tough Compact HCD10 Hyundai Hellion Concept

December 1, 2006 The Hyundai Design and Technical Center and Hyundai Motor America presented the world debut of the HCD10 Hyundai Hellion concept during a press conference at the Los Angeles Auto Show today. Hellion is a compact three-door sport crossover designed with attitude and independence creating its unmistakable character. Hellion’s architecture was inspired by a tough, hardshell backpack that uses ribs to provide structural and visual strength. To support this, Hyundai used three ultra-lightweight structural ribs to create Hellion’s safety cage. These ribs connect to a suspended surfboard-shaped spine. Hellion’s ribcage not only provides protection for its occupants, but also adds visual rigidity and shape. By stretching the sheet metal skin away from the common body surface, the ribs give Hellion a new kind of organic ruggedness.  Read More

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