Highlights from the 2015 Geneva Motor Show


The University of Hertfordshire's hydrogen-powered race car

July 15, 2007 Alternative engine technologies face several challenges in the battle to be viewed as a serious alternative to the internal combustion engine - and a key hurdle is the perception that they can't deliver enough power and performance to compete with their fossil-fuel burning counterparts. How better to dispel such fears than to race a hydrogen-powered car against petrol-powered competitors? The first hydrogen-powered race car will take to the track this weekend in the worldwide Formula Student category, and if the notion of green car racing catches on, we can look forward to watching the ingenuity of the racing community making some significant contributions to the development of emission-free consumer cars in the near future.  Read More

The Auto Rucksack

July 11, 2007 More and more people are interested in the convenience and economy of small car ownership - but many are put off by the small carrying capacity that goes with it. This handy German gadget operates as an aerodynamically efficient and better-looking alternative to the roof rack - the Auto Rucksack is exactly that - a backpack for your small car that clips on to give you extra storage, and clips off to become a suitcase or sports bag on wheels.  Read More

smart set to roll out a full complement of Alternative Drive Systems

July 10, 2007 Mercedes-owned smart is set to become the first mainstream production vehicle with a full complement of alternative drive systems. It has begun touting four new versions of the smart fortwo, all of which can be expected in production form before the year is out. We’re not sure which is the most exciting as they all offer different solutions depending on your needs. The cleanest of the new smarts is the 30 kW plug-in electric version with a range of 115 kilometres (EUDC), but there’s also a 100 mpg 53 kW diesel hybrid drive, a slightly less economical petrol hybrid for those who don’t want diesel, a 52 kW micro hybrid petrol variant and a diesel-engined fortwo which will become the world’s most economical combustion-engined production car with 85 mpg (3.3 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres - NEDC) and the ability to travel 1000 kilometres without refuelling. The smart fortwo diesel is the world champion in low CO2 emissions at just 88 grams of CO2 per kilometre. This is huge news.  Read More

Entry is via a sleek canopy door

July 6, 2007 Achieving 0-60mph in under five seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 140mph at 92 miles per gallon plus impressive handling and extremely low emissions, this striking 3-wheeler from FuelVapor Technologies looks to have all the answers. The “alé” (pronounced alay) concept car is described as running on "fuel vapors" rather than liquid fuel meaning it has a greater than 25% better fuel to air ratio than standard gasoline engines and this, coupled with the use of aerodynamic design and lightweight materials is the key to its outstanding performance.  Read More

A happy Drivemocion

July 6, 2007 Displays that can be changed to reflect a given mood or express individuality have recently made their way into our clothes and our cars, with this variation on the latter - Drivemocion - using emocions (a.k.a. smileys) and messages to enable drivers communicate on the road by providing up to five ways in which to express yourself.  Read More

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in police livery

July 6, 2007 We’ve previously examined an array of high-powered police cars from all around the globe and now a new contender may have emerged - the 612 Scaglietti, Ferrari’s flagship Grand Tourer will appear in special Police livery at Salon Privé’s Private and Luxury Super Car Show which opens on Wednesday 11th July in London. Though not in actual use, the car was recently driven over 1,500 miles by Police forces across the UK to lead the UK Leg of Ferrari’s 60th Anniversary Tour and to promote road safety messages.  Read More

Mercedes-Benz unveils new C-Class flagship

July 5, 2007 Mercedes-Benz has released details of the new C 63 AMG. Due to hit the market in early 2008, the high-performance C-Class derivative promises stunning looks to coincide with its impressive performance specs. Powered by a 6.3-litre V8 engine with a peak output of 336 kW/457 hp and maximum torque of 600 newton metres that’s capable of achieving zero to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, the V8 flagship model also boasts exemplary handling via a wider track, an all-new front axle, speed-sensitive AMG sports steering and suspension plus a new 3-stage Electronic Stability Program.  Read More

Toyota develops active  head restraint to reduce whiplash injuries

July 4, 2007 Toyota has developed an Active Headrest that reduces the stress on the neck during low-speed, rear impacts. The new head restraint is an extension of the WIL concept seat, in which both the seatback and head restraint simultaneously cushion the head and lower back to reduce stress on the neck. Specifically, when the occupant’s back presses against the seatback during a rear-end collision, a built-in lower unit triggers the head restraint to move diagonally upward. This action swiftly catches the back of the head, thereby reducing the risk of whiplash injury sustained by the neck upon collision. In-house testing shows it reduces the severity of whiplash injury by 10-20%. The headrest will begin incorporation in new Toyota models in the near future.  Read More

Bosch is celebrating the production of its 10 billionth spark plug.

July 3, 2007 The humble spark plug is an engineering solution that has now stood the test of over 100 years production. One of the earliest patents for the spark plug was taken out by Robert Bosch in 1898, and the Bosch company was the first to produce the commercially viable high-voltage spark plug that made internal combustion engines possible. A century later, as an extraordinary 10 billionth spark plug rolls off the Bosch production line, the company has become a global powerhouse with interests in automotive parts and systems, power tools, building, packaging and safety, not to mention the invention of ABS braking and traction control systems. And with Bosch fuel injection feeding both the Audi and Peugeot diesel racecars that finished first and second at Le Mans, the company seems set to play a key role in the high-powered, fuel-efficient second coming of the diesel engine - and it's all built on the success of the modest spark plug.  Read More

World’s most powerful production six-cylinder diesel introduced to BMW 6 Series

July 2, 2007 BMW has for the first time combined its twin-turbocharged, six-cylinder diesel with the marque’s flagship Grand Tourer in the form of the new 635d. Coinciding with the revamp of 6 Series model line-up to include Active Headrests, Brake Energy Regeneration and other fuel saving and emissions-cutting technology, the 635d Coupé and Convertible will hit showrooms in the UK in October with world’s most powerful production diesel under the bonnet.  Read More

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