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Kia reveals sketch of Kue driver's vehicle concept

December 15, 2006 Like many of the world’s manufacturers do when a major motor show is imminent, Kia has released a preview sketch of one of its stars of the show. The all-new Kue crossover concept car will make its world premiere at the upcoming North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit in early January. The Kia Kue concept employs a different approach to the crossover utility vehicle segment by taking the CUV to a new level with performance. While possessing SUV characteristics and capabilities, the Kia Kue focuses more on giving the driver an exhilarating driving experience on the way to the home improvement centre, than on how much it can haul.  Read More

The Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Dearborn Deuce Roadster

December 15, 2006 This is the Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Dearborn Deuce roadster – only 100 will be made. The 1932 Ford Deuce had the first ever mass produced V8 engine and even more groundbreaking styling which single-handedly started the hot rod culture. It was truly a milestone vehicle, echoing the engineering genius of Henry Ford and the design prowess of his son Edsel. The commemorative edition roadster Dearborn Deuce was built by Hot Rods & Horsepower and directed by Ford to honor the 75th anniversary of the legendary Ford Deuce and contains a 4.6 liter, 348hp fuel-injected V8 with an automatic transmission. Additional custom components include custom wheels by bonspeed (20 inch rear and 18 inch front), custom valve covers, electric side windows, custom leather interior, air conditioning, stereo and unique badging with embroidered 75th Anniversary logo on the seats and in the trunk. Appropriately, Edsel B. Ford II, great grandson of Henry Ford, will help auction the first of 100 Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Dearborn Deuce roadsters at No Reserve during the 36th Annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event in January. Proceeds from the sale of the stunning custom roadster (Lot 1302) will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Read More

Golden Helmet for Italian Dindo Capello

December 14, 2006 Audi factory driver Dindo Capello has received the "Golden Helmet” from Italian motorsport magazine Autosprint, acknowledging the 2006 American Le Mans Series title won by the Italian with the Audi R10 TDI. "In Italy, the ‘Casco d’oro’ is the ‘Oscar of motorsport’, that’s why this award means a lot to me,” explained the two-time Le Mans winner who was handed the trophy in Bologna last Saturday.  Read More

The DScar - The Most Affordable Dream Car

December 14, 2006 Students from Cranfield University, one of Western Europe’s largest academic centres for strategic and applied research development and design, have been awarded the innovation prize at The Société des Ingénieurs de l'Automobile’s (SIA), Styling and Technical competition for designing ‘The Most Affordable Dream Car’. The Dscar has four wheels positioned in a diamond shape around the car’s chassis and apparently it handles like a go-kart. Designed primarily for extreme sports lovers and for weekend or track day use only, the car provides a very different ride – it’s very light, just 500kg, and powered by a Toyota 3 cylinder 68bhp engine. The DScar is made from mass produced car parts, so can be manufactured very easily and economically. A panel of international experts recognised DScar for its radically different diamond shaped design, unique style and unusual driving experience.  Read More

World’s first affordable diesel hybrid powertrain

December 14, 2006 Zytek has already proven its knowledge of powertrains and electric vehicle many times over, on and off the racetrack. Now, in collaboration with a UK Government initiative, the British engineering consultancy has developed a novel diesel hybrid powertrain that will be affordable in the most popular market segments. The new technology will allow vehicle owners to drive across London’s extended congestion charge zone for just four pence. The low-cost, high-efficiency hybrid-electric drivetrain offers a realistic alternative to expensive proprietary systems and can be quickly implemented within the packaging constraints of compact European passenger cars. A demonstration vehicle, built within the UK Government’s Ultra Low Carbon Car Challenge (ULCCC), has exceeded all targets set for the programme, delivering an exceptional 85g of CO2 per km compared with 121g/km for the already exceptionally efficient standard vehicle.  Read More

A new type of parking assistant - parking space measurement from Bosch

December 14, 2006 Touch parking, the method of parking employed inevitably across the world’s crowded urban canyons by millions of people a day, could become a thing of the past. Judging the size of a parking space – whether a car can actually fit in the available space - is one of the keys to successful parking and a new invention from Bosch will offer just that facility. The Citroen C4 Picasso has become the world's first car to feature integrated parking space measurement. The Bosch driver assistance system tells the vehicle's driver whether the prospective parking space is long enough for the car. The parking space measurement in the C4 Picasso is based on the Bosch parking assistant, which helps drivers avoid shunting other cars and obstacles while parking. Besides the standard four ultrasound sensors on the vehicle front and rear, two extra sensors have been added for parking space measurement, one on either side of the front bumper.  Read More


December 14, 2006 The theme of the fifteenth Goodwood Festival of Speed, due to be held over the weekend of 22 – 24 June 2007, will be ‘Spark of Genius – Breaking Records, Pushing Boundaries.’ Through this theme, Goodwood will celebrate the glory of the individual competitors and engineering visionaries who took risks in their quest for victory. From the brave drivers and riders who campaigned in the first Brooklands and Isle of Man TT races 100 years ago, through to the land speed record breakers and the cream of the current F1 and World Rally Championship (WRC) competitors, all have made their mark and will be honoured at the 2007 Festival. Ticketing for the festival is now open.  Read More

50 mpg from a medium sized SUV

December 12, 2006 Danish-born eco adventurer Hans Tholstrup has a way of creating publicity. It’s how he first came to public prominence when he circumnavigated Australia in a 16 foot open boat but his motorsport exploits, his creation of the World Solar Challenge and more recently his ability to coax extraordinary fuel consumption from an automobile just keep the eco warrior in the spotlight. This week he did it again when attempting the 1400km trip from Adelaide to Sydney without refuelling the car’s standard 75 litre tank. Tholstrup arrived in Sydney still with a quarter of a tank of gas so he pressed on north, eventually finishing in Port Macquarie, 1776.6 kilometres from the start. The Hyundai Santa Fe CRDi Turbo-Diesel he was driving averaged 4.67 litres/100km (50.4 mpg), an astoundingly frugal figure for a 1.9 tonne, medium-sized AWD SUV which can seat seven.  Read More

Mazda to debut Ryuga Design Concept and New Tribute HEV at 2007 NAIAS

December 12, 2006 Mazda will unveil an all-new concept car, Mazda Ryuga, and its all-new Mazda Tribute Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) at the 2007 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) on January 8, 2007. The Ryuga builds on Mazda’s concept of flow. The remarkable Nagare – Japanese for “flow” - concept vehicle debuted at the recent Los Angeles Auto Show and introduced the company’s new design future. Ryuga – Japanese for “gracious flow,” and the next generation of this exciting concept – will reflect a higher level of sophistication achieved through the use of rich fabrics, engineered fits and hidden details. Mazda Ryuga is elegant and refined, but with spirit and edge, portraying unique Japanese beauty.  Read More

The real effect of mixing school and commercial traffic in peak hour

December 12, 2006 Anyone who has ever endured the daily commute knows that school holidays are a Godsend because morning peak hour commute times drop dramatically - without parents driving children, school holiday traffic is reduced by roughly 10 per cent. Now UK-based Trafficmaster is beginning to use its wireless automotive networks to measure the real effects in travelling time with and without school traffic and the results are remarkable. Increased congestion in the mornings causes average journey times on some roads to triple in length, with the worst impact measured on the southbound A629 near Bradford, West Yorkshire. The average morning rush-hour journey (08.30-09.15) on this busy route during the school holidays takes just 11 minutes, but in term time this figure rises to almost half an hour – for a stretch of road only two miles long. Is this grounds to consider staggering either school or business hours to reduce the peak traffic periods?  Read More

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