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The British Steam Car is aiming for a 200mph land speed record.

June 21, 2007 Acting as a champion for alternative fuels and engine design, the group behind the British Steam Car Challenge has a lofty goal in its sights; a record-breaking 150mph run on British soil, followed by a 200mph run on the Bonneville salt flats of Utah. Steam engines run on external combustion, meaning they're not fuel specific like internal combustion engines. The steam-powered streamliner will run a 12,000rpm turbine engine producing 225kw of power.  Read More

Toyota develops next-generation engine valve mechanism

June 19, 2007 Toyota has developed a new form of valve actuation for internal combustion engines which it claims improves fuel efficiency by 5 to 10 per cent, enhances throttle response, reduces CO2 emissions, and boosts power by at least 10 per cent. To be known as Valvematic, the new design offers a variable valve lift mechanism created through combining VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing-intelligent), which controls the timing of intake valve opening/closing, with a new mechanism that can also control the intake valve lift volume. The first application of Valvematic will be in a new 2.0-litre engine being introduced in the near future.  Read More

All-electric Phoenix SUT

June 18, 2007 Another step towards exploding the perception that electric vehicles will never have the grunt, range or practicality of their oil guzzling, high-emission counterparts has been taken in California with a record charging time demonstrated for the all-electric Phoenix SUT (Sport Utility Truck). The milestone demonstration by AeroVironment saw the 35kWh (kilowatt-hour) battery pack developed for use with the Phoenix fully-charged in less than ten minutes - enough to power the five-seat utility for 100 miles.  Read More

Accutag's wireless fleet management system

June 17, 2007 Got a sneaking suspicion your employees might be driving your company's fleet cars like they stole them? Fleet cars are a significant expense for a company, and ensuring they're treated well, both by drivers and mechanics, can reap rewards in maintenance costs, insurance and resale value. That's why many companies are starting to use automated, wireless fleet diagnostics systems. These clever devices plug into the CPUs of fleet vehicles and silently relay information back to the fleet manager on a range of maintenance, running information and fault issues. They can also tell you who's been a leadfoot in the company car - including how much time they've spent over the speed limit, how much fuel they're using, and a range of other information that can help instil a sense of accountability in fleet car users.  Read More

June 16, 2007  Lightweight wheels are a must-have for automotive enthusiasts as they signi...

June 16, 2007 Lightweight wheels are a must-have for automotive enthusiasts as they significantly decrease unsprung weight and improve handling characteristics accordingly. Though fiber-composite materials are used in elite motorsport, and promise better long-term performance than their metal counterparts, they have been unable to make their way into the mainstream due to a lack of suitable testing methods. Standardized testing methods exist for conventional rims made of steel or aluminium, but there is doubt as to whether the testing methods for metal wheels can be applied to composite materials. Now German researchers have created a new method which can reliably simulate how an individual composite wheel will cope with the stresses of driving on public roads, including hitting the curb and potholes, and the meeting of quality standards, without destroying the wheel.  Read More

Peugeot's 908 HDi FAP

June 15, 2007 Since the invention of the automobile, winning on Sunday has meant selling lots of cars on Monday and beyond and this weekend’s running of the fabled Le Mans 24 hour race looks set to influence a lot of sales over the coming decade. Last year Audi’s R10 diesel race car used its frugal fuel consumption, 650 bhp and 1100 nm of torque to win every race it entered. Peugeot meanwhile have been developing a diesel car too – with 700 bhp and 1200 nm. This weekend they face each other for the first time. Astoundingly, the Peugeot has taken first and third grid positions in qualifying. Read on for the background and where you can watch the 24 Heures du Mans unfold.  Read More

Convertible Ford Shelby GT coming

June 14, 2007 The 2008 Ford Shelby GT will be available with a new convertible body style from August 2007. Only 2,300 2008 Shelby GT coupes and convertibles will be built in order to maintain exclusivity for collectors. Each car will feature an authentication plate on the center dashboard, as well as a matching tag under the hood for documentation in a forthcoming registry.  Read More

ZF’s Torque Vectoring rear axle drive

June 14, 2007 Driveline and Chassis Technology company ZF invests five percent of its sales (2006: EUR 600 million of EUR 11.7 billion) in Research and Development and in so doing, has developed a very interesting new Torque Vectoring rear axle drive which it claims considerably increases driving dynamics and safety reserves of all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive vehicles. The system distributes the drive torque individually to the rear axle wheels, generating a yaw moment around the vertical axis of the vehicle, which can be used both to improve agility and stabilize the vehicle. Generation of the wheel differential torque is independent from the drive torque, so it is also generated during coasting, when the driver is not accelerating. The system is ready for volume production and is already planned for volume application at BMW.  Read More

The world’s largest Scratch Car-D

June 13, 2007 Thousands of people lined up, grabbed a penny and rubbed away on the world’s first ‘Scratch Car-d’ yesterday. The unique SUV took two months to prepare and was completely covered in silver latex, the material found on lottery scratch cards, which took 14 hours to scratch off. Underneath were thousands of individual panels, with one revealing a symbol to win the vehicle. The ‘Scratch Car-d’ was unveiled in London’s Covent Garden on a bed of 16,995 pennies to mark the launch of the new Chevrolet Captiva into the UK market.  Read More

Pulstar's Pulse Plugs

June 10, 2007 Significantly increased torque and horsepower for almost any petrol vehicle, exceptional fuel economy benefits, a five minute screw-in installation process, no decrease in longevity or reliability and a miserly US$25 per unit price. These may sound like outrageous claims, but Pulstar are confident their "pulse plugs" are the next step in the evolution of the spark plug. Pulse plugs use a pulse cycle to draw the same amount of power as a normal spark plug, store it and release it at about 20,000 times the wattage. The fuel in your cylinders burns much more quickly and completely, creating extra cylinder pressure and resulting in more horsepower and torque for each revolution, not to mention wasting much less fuel in the process. They screw right in where your old plugs came out, and require no further modification. As a performance mod, they deliver more horsepower for your buck than just about any alternative - and their increased economy should see them paying for themselves within 12 months. Fantastic stuff!  Read More

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