Highlights from the 2015 Geneva Motor Show


Ford Verve supermini concept

August 25, 2007 UPDATED NEW IMAGES Ford will show its vision for the future of small cars at next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show in the form of the Verve. The new concept car hints at the new design direction for future compact cars and the company plans to closely gauge public reaction while their designers work behind the scenes creating Ford's next supermini generation.  Read More

2006 Honda Civic Hybrid

August 23, 2007 Honda (UK) have launched a high-spec, voice controlled Sat Nav-equipped version of its Civic Hybrid - the first time a Hybrid has featured factory-fitted Sat Nav as standard equipment.  Read More

2008 Range Rover Vogue 08MY luxury SUV

August 23, 2007 The 2008 Range Rover Vogue 08MY luxury SUV features a number of fresh new features as standard headed by the introduction of four-zone air conditioning option, Bluetooth phone connectivity functions, a redesigned rear seat armrest providing extra stowage space, a total of seven real wood veneers to choose from, two new exterior colors and updated instrument panel.  Read More

Instant fuel-efficiency gauge on the LAFESTA for Japan

August 22, 2007 Nissan has announced that all future models will be equipped with a new type of fuel efficiency gauge designed to give drivers more information on how their driving style directly relates to fuel economy.  Read More

Toyota's Formula One car, aerodynamically tuned for maximum downforce and minimum drag

August 21, 2007 Aerodynamics is now viewed by Formula 1 teams as the single most important piece of race car design the rules allow them to control. A good aerodynamic setup makes an F1 car slippery in a straight line, maximizes acceleration and top speed, and provides huge amounts of downforce to mash the car’s tyres into the tarmac and add extra grip in the corners. Massive money is spent on tweaking the wings and body shape for that elusive perfect flow of air. Toyota’s Head of Aerodynamics, Mark Gillan, explains further in the second part of Panasonic Toyota Racing’s ‘Inside a Formula 1 Car‘ series.  Read More

208bhp 2.7HDi V6 engine

August 21, 2007 Citroën will reveal the new C5 Airscape concept car at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show (13th-27th September). At first glance the eye-catching, automatically folding carbon-fibre roof is the striking feature of the executive cabriolet, which also aims to showcase innovative, environmentally friendly technology including an “UrbanHybrid” management system and enhanced traction control.  Read More

The Fusion Hydrogen 999

After a year of construction and ten years of research, the fuel-cell powered Ford Fusion 999 has scorched across the Salt Flats of Utah at the Bonneville Speed Week, clocking an incredible 207.297 miles per hour and giving Ford the mantle of the world’s first automaker to set a land speed record for a production-based fuel cell powered car.  Read More

Profile of the upcoming Kia concept

August 16, 2007 Kia Motors Corporation has released a second “preview image” of the new 2+2 Sports Coupe concept car it will premiere at the Frankfurt International Motor Show next month.  Read More

The motorcycle of the future?

Outstanding 3D designer Tim Cameron (of V-Rex fame) is behind the concept dubbed “Motorcycle of the Future” that seeks to outline the ideal design criteria needed for making bikes safer, cheaper to repair and harder to steal. The concept - which includes automatic brake drying, traction control, an accidental tip-over warning device and lots of sensible, clever ideas in between – was unveiled earlier this month by MotoGP championship leader Casey Stoner at a launch in Sydney.  Read More

Cayman S “Porsche Design Edition 1”

August 15, 2007 Porsche has announced that the Cayman S “Porsche Design Edition 1” will be available from November. The limited-edition special series of the 295bhp mid-engined coupé will see just 777 released worldwide and keeping in line with the purist nature of the vehicle, the choice of color has been made simple – it's black or black.  Read More

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