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Ricardo’s new Cross-axle Torque Vectoring Audi A6 4.2l V8 Quattro Avant demonstrator

December 8, 2006 Delegates at Berlin’s prestigious 5th International CTI-Symposium, “Innovative Automotive Transmissions”, were this week given the opportunity to be the first to experience Ricardo’s new Cross-axle Torque Vectoring demonstrator. Based on an Audi A6 4.2l V8 Quattro Avant, the vehicle is fitted with the very latest generation of Ricardo’s Torque Vectoring technology that enables moment-by-moment redistribution of drive-torque in response to driver demand, vehicle speed and road conditions. In doing so it enables the vehicle to follow more faithfully the driver's intended path, ultimately leading to a potentially safer, more enjoyable and rewarding driving experience.  Read More

Volvo safety system for avoiding collisions at low speeds

December 7, 2006 Volvo has announced more innovative safety technology – a unique ‘City Safety’ system that could help drivers avoid 50 per cent of all rear-end, low speed accidents that often happen in urban environments or slow moving traffic. Statistics reveal that 75 per cent of all reported collisions occur at low speeds of up to 30 km/h (18.7 mph). The Volvo system, called ‘City Safety’, is active up to 30 km/h and keeps a watchful eye on traffic up to six metres in front of the car with the help of an optical radar system integrated into the upper part of the windscreen. If a car in front suddenly brakes or is stationary, the system will automatically pre-charge the brakes to help the driver avoid an accident by slowing down in time, or steering away from a potential collision. However, if a collision is imminent, the system will activate the car’s brakes automatically.  Read More

Geiger's Christmas Hummer H2 (with chimney inside)

December 7, 2006 We regularly write up the wares of Munich-based which specialises in building outrageous American automobiles, so we couldn’t really miss the chance to write up the firm’s Christmas HUMMER creation for the German Television show Galileo. Everything was extensively modified, and St. Nick’s new company vehicle sports everything he could possibly need including, would-you-believe a chimney!  Read More

1,054 bhp Porsche 997 to attempt  World Speed Record for Street-Legal Cars

December 6, 2006 MISSION 400 PLUS is attempting to to win the Blue Ribbon for the world’s fastest street-legal sports car next year, with a top speed of more than 400 km/h. Developed through collaboration with H&R, Jürgen Alzen Motorsport and engine tuner RS Tuning and the sports car is based on the Porsche 997. With a boost pressure of 1.5 bar the engine develops 1,054 hp / 775.7 kW at 7,700 rpm and a peak torque of 1,030 Nm at 5,800 rpm, yet, the record hunter meets stringent EURO IV emission limits.  Read More

Honda Accord Coupe Concept for NAIS

December 6, 2006 Honda will be debuting a bold new look for the next-generation Honda Accord Coupe at the January 2007 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. The Accord Coupe Concept will convey exterior styling cues and design features that provide a first look at the direction the next-generation Accord will take and the company promises to set a new benchmark for Accord and for the segment.  Read More

The World’s fastest police car – the Brabus Rocket Police Special

December 6, 2006 The Lamborghini Gallardo Police car we wrote up in 2004 holds the title for the world’s fastest police car in actual use – it prowls the Salerno-Reggio Calabria highway at speeds up to 309 km/h in the hands of the Polizia di Stato (Italian State Police) but when the Brabus CLS V12 S Rocket appeared at the Essen Motor Show a few days ago, the bar got raised by some margin. In June this year German Performance Vehicle Manufacturer Brabus set a record for the world’s fastest sedan car when its 348,000-euro (US$437,575) Mercedes CLS-based Brabus Rocket, clocked an incredible 362.4 km/h at the famed Nardo test facility in Southern Italy. The new police vehicle on show in Essen is destined for police forces that need to be able to run down autobahn abusers. Throw in the specialist communications equipment and we doubt you’ll get much change from half a million US dollars, but you will be the fastest policeman in the world.  Read More

Mazda Adrenaline Concept

December 6, 2006 Blurring the lines between a sport-utility vehicle and a sports car, Mazda’s Adrenaline Concept is based on a more powerful, more aggressive CX-7 SUV. Designed and built by Mazda Design North America, the 300 horsepower Adrenaline is a truly high-performance sport-crossover vehicle designed to promote the “Emotion of Motion.” To give the SUV a true sports car feel, the CX-7’s stock six-speed automatic transmission was changed for a six-speed manual, and the driveline dropped in from a MAZDASPEED6. Renowned rally driver and drifter Rhys Millen, pushed the Adrenaline engine out to more than 300 horsepower, and ...  Read More

Lancia Aprilia Sport – built for the future from the past

December 5, 2006 To celebrate the centenary of Lancia and the long standing affiliation between the marque and the Milanese coachbuilder for its Sport versions, Andrea Zagato decided to create a Lancia Aprilia Sport identical to the car built by his grandfather Ugo in 1938. This “car of the future” could aptly be described as an original 1930s design brought to life using the technology of the third Millennium. The complicated process did not start from hand drawn sketches, as with today's cars, but from two faded monochrome photographs – the only remaining source of accurate information.  Read More

Audi's R10 TDI takes out Pioneering and Innovation Award

December 5, 2006 Despite Renault’s second successive Formula One driver/manufacturer double, it was Audi’s revolutionary R10 TDI that really shook up the motorsport world in 2006 and a flurry of significant awards is now confirming that. A panel of experts from the British specialist magazine "Race Engine Technology” recently voted the V12 TDI engine from the Audi R10 TDI as "Race Engine of the Year 2006” and "Alternative Race Engine of the Year”. To top it off, on Sunday night Audi won the "Pioneering and Innovation Award” of the British magazine "Autosport” for the most important innovation of the 2006 motorsport season. The diesel race engine not only puts out 650 bhp but also produces brutal mid-range torque and has remarkably good fuel consumption. It finished its first season undefeated including taking the Le Mans 24 Hour Event.  Read More

New Navigation System guarantees NO SPEEDING FINES

December 5, 2006 In an extraordinary move, a new Satellite Navigation device has been developed that comes with a guarantee that users will not pick up any speeding ticket from any speed camera in the UK. The supplier of the Rossini Navigator & Camera Spotter offers a unique guarantee to pay UKP60 to any motorist that picks up a speeding ticket whilst using the device if no advance warning of the camera is given. Logically, if you don’t button off the pedal once warning has been given, you’re on your own but the guarantee is nonetheless remarkable as the Rossini Navigator identifies more than 24,000 potential speed traps on 270,000 miles of roads throughout the UK and Ireland. Unlike many camera locators the Rossini Navigator has been programmed to warn of mobile speed camera sites and traffic light red light cameras as well as every known Specs, Gatso and Truvelo speed camera in the country.  Read More

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