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October 18, 2007 Audi has labeled its R8 as “the slowest car we’ve ever built” in a new tongue-in-cheek ad campaign designed to bring attention to the laborious process of manufacturing the largely hand-built high-performance sports car. Read More
October 17, 2007 Toyota is targeting the youth market of the future with the “edgy” Hi-CT Urban Concept vehicle. With its unconventionally high shape and curved, vertical front end giving it an appearance akin to a mini-railway engine, the Hi-CT incorporates a removable rear trunk and a deck where surfboards, bicycles and other equipment can be stowed, along with a plug-in hybrid drive system which also stores energy that can be utilized for other applications via an AC100V accessory socket. Read More
October 17, 2007 Toyota has revealed a raft of new concept vehicles based around cutting-edge sustainability technology that the company will showcase at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Among them is the 1/X (pronounced "one-Xth"), a light-weight (420kg) hybrid vehicle pitched as “redefining what it means to be environmentally considerate”. The 1/X matches the interior space of the Prius, but is only one-third the weight and aims to double its fuel efficiency. Gizmag will be on the ground to bring you the latest from the Show when it gets underway on October 26th. In the meantime visit our highlights page for more previews of what’s in store. Read More
October 16, 2007 Clean transportation technology is and will remain a critically important issue, with the ongoing development of fuel cells and hybrid technology growing strongly in recent years. The health risks associated with particulate matter, and tightening government regulations on pollutants give more immediate and practical implications to another alternative - the concept of “clean diesel” . This encompasses the use of diesel powered vehicles, which achieve up to 30% greater fuel efficiency than their gasoline powered counterparts, but also boast low-emissions through the use of advanced filtration. Read More
October 15, 2007 A one-off 1963 Ford Thunderbird “Italien” concept car is to be sold at auction with No Reserve. Barrett-Jackson has announced the rare sale as part of the company’s 37th Annual Collector Car Event in January 2008. Read More
One of the challenges in writing stories for an emerging technology magazine is to avoid continuously using the word ingenious, but the NV200 to be shown by Nissan at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show is exactly that. The shell of a vehicle is by necessity an exoskeleton, which means that access to van-like vehicles is typically from the inside, but this new design takes a totally different approach. Combining a mobile office and van in one unique package, designers have incorporated a sliding removable pod that makes the NV200 one out of the box – literally – and although inspired by the very specific requirements of one customer, the basic concept has serious potential for all manner of different applications. Read More
As part of the LA Auto Show Design Challenge, several major manufacturers have submitted blue-sky design concepts showing where they feel automotive design will go in the next 50 years. From Nissan's friendly family assistant to Mercedes’ liquid-metal convertible and Toyota's pollution-chewing roller/strider, the submissions are an exciting and thought-provoking look at where the next half a century will take us in personal and family mobility. Read More
October 12, 2007 In one of those rare deals which promises great benefits for both parties, the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport and Ferrari have reached a long term agreement for the supply of engines as well as to design chassis and consult on manufacture for new cars. Read More
October 12, 2007 The Lexus LF-Xh hybrid concept will be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Featuring a high-output electric motor supplementing a V6 petrol engine, it also drops some hints about the company’s new styling direction. Read More
October 11, 2007 Mitsubishi Motors’ latest addition to the Lancer Evolution line, the Lancer Evolution X, will be hitting the FIA World Rally Championship as a Course Car for Rally Japan. Mitsubishi, in association with Ralliart, have made extensive changes to the 4WD sedan, including the integration of a roll cage into the body of the car, and the installation of custom built components for the running gear and brakes. Read More