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The revised MINI Cooper D - 72.4mpg, regenerative braking, auto Start-Stop

May 31, 2007 MINI hatch models are to receive technological revisions later this year, resulting in jaw-dropping performance and efficiency figures. The MINI Cooper D will be capable of returning an astonishing 72.4mpg, with CO2 emissions of just 104 g/km, thanks to regenerative braking, auto Start-Stop functionality and a Switch Point Display – all of which will come at no extra cost.  Read More

Autodelta’s 400bhp Alfa 147: beauty and the beast all-in-one

May 31, 2007 Hot hatches are a relatively new phenomena, at least in the context of the 120 year history of motoring. Alfa’s 147 has long been one of the most stylish of the smaller performance cars, and so we feel compelled to bring to your attention the efforts of London-based Autodelta in developing outrageous performance from the car. Determined to evolve its highly successful Autodelta 147 GTA AM (Autodelta Maggiorata), the company has gone a step further by producing an even more potent supercharged version - the Autodelta 147 GTA AM Super. The V6 engine is a bored-out version of the existing 3.2 litre Alfa 147 GTA unit, and sweeps an amazing 3,750 cc. On top of that, it has been fitted with a custom designed Rotrex supercharger and produces 400 bhp at 7,000 rpm, with a top speed in excess of 180 mph (288 km/h) and 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h) in 4.8 seconds.  Read More

The Handbook of Risk Management in Motor Sport

May 31, 2007 Motorsport is without doubt the most dangerous form of sporting endeavour and a pastime that has consistently challenged the notion of acceptable risk. Now a new handbook entitled 'Guide to Managing Risk in Motor Sport' has been produced by Standards Australia. Nearly three years in the making, the guide addresses the important area of risk management methodology to identify, assess, control and reduce risk in motor sport. The guide will no doubt be useful internationally, and can be purchased as a downloadable PDF for AUD$28.80. A free preview is available here.  Read More

The world's first dual-rotor RE car, the Cosmo Sport

May 30, 2007 Today marks the 40th anniversary of Mazda's first Wankel rotary engine powered vehicle. On May 30, 1967, Mazda commenced sales of the world's first dual-rotor RE car, the Cosmo Sport and has since produced almost two million rotary engined vehicles. The first wankel-engined auto was an NSU (now Audi) Wankel Spider in 1964, and though Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Norton, Suzuki, General Motors, Citroen, John Deere and Arctic Cat all experimented with some even producing small runs of wankel engined machinery, the only manufacturer to produce the engine designed by German engineer Felix Wankel in quantities remains as Mazda.  Read More

This man appears to be annoyed by interior buzzing sounds in his car. We suggest he gets a...

May 29, 2007 Irritating buzzing sounds in your car interior can be exceptionally annoying, and finding them is nearly impossible with the car stopped. Enter the Rattlebuster, a UKP10 CD that plays vibration-inducing tones through your car stereo. Mimicing several different road travel frequencies for 4 minutes at a time, the Rattlebuster lets you track down loose bits and pieces once and for all, with your car stopped.  Read More

Clarion's DXZ778RUSB Car audio receiver with USB

May 28, 2007 As music consumption expands to include greater use of mobile USB devices like the iPod, car audio is beginning to follow. Clarion's latest in-car CD receiver features signal restoration to get the best out of compressed MP3, AAC and WMA files - and a USB cable that pops out in your glove box so you can play sound files straight from any USB storage device.  Read More

LTC demonstrates plug-in Prius Hybrid with 125+ mpg fuel efficiency

May 25, 2007 Lithium Technology Corporation (LTC) yesterday unveiled a retrofitted Toyota Prius, with plug-in capabilities allowing for 125+ miles per gallon fuel efficiency, which is powered by the Company’s unique battery technology. The battery for the Prius utilizes LTC’s new product line of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, the largest cells of their kind in the world, which are considered to be the technology of choice for car manufacturers.  Read More

 The night vision system, which uses near-infrared (NIR) radiation, is equipped with the ...

May 25, 2007 Driving is a site-response game, and without the light of day, becomes far more difficult after sundown. Many manufacturers have been experimenting with night vision systems, Now Oerlikon Optics has developed a new active night vision system that uses near-infrared (NIR) radiation, achieving over 90 percent efficiency of near-infrared light visible onto the car’s monitor. The unwanted residual light generated with infrared headlights is reduced by a factor of 1000. This allows appreciably improved reproduction of objects at night time.  Read More

New seven-speed DSG gearbox

May 25, 2007 Volkswagen has developed a seven-speed version of its DSG gearbox which is used on such exotica as the Bugatti Veyron and the Audi TT. The new seven-speed gearbox, codenamed DQ200, uses a pair of dry clutches in preference to the six-speed version’s twin wet clutches, increasing efficiency and performance over the wet clutch six-speed system. The six-speed DSG gearbox, which was introduced in 2003, uses a pair of clutches submerged in oil. The new seven-speed gearbox adopts a pair of dry, organic bonded friction linings that do not require cooling, making the drivetrain more efficient through the extra ratio and the fact that less power is required for the gear selection and clutch servo system.  Read More

Seat shows its first off-roader

May 23, 2007 SEAT has released the first pictures and details of the rugged new Altea freetrack, which will make its world debut at the Barcelona Motor Show on 7th June. The Altea freetrack is the first SEAT designed to be driven off-road, and as such features Haldex-type four-wheel drive, 40 mm of extra ground clearance and 4x4-inspired body addendum over and above the Altea XL, on which the new model is based.  Read More

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