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The rolling road in situ - when completed, the floor will be level with the steel belt.

October 1, 2007 The Windshear rolling-road wind tunnel in North Carolina will be one of the fastest and most advanced facilities in the world, and the only in America capable of 180mph (around 300kph) testing. The US$40 million complex will be an excellent resource for Formula One, NASCAR and most other racing teams – but interestingly, street-legal supercars like the Bugatti Veyron at the forefront of high-speed aerodynamic design still have nowhere to test their 250+mph models.  Read More

Suzuki unveils radical mobility concepts

Suzuki has announced several radical prototype vehicles to be shown at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show. Remarkably, there will be a second generation Kizashi show car based on the machine shown at Frankfurt just three weeks ago. In addition, there’s an interesting sustainable mobility concept called the Pixy which houses another more personal electric vehicle concept known as the SSC. On top of that there’s a motorcycle modelled after an aircraft (Biplane), a fuel cell motorcycle (crosscage), a four-seater minivan with two power sliding doors (Palette) .  Read More

Not smart - a British driver has been clocked at 172 mph in a Porsche 911 Turbo (note: ima...

September 27, 2007 The road is not a racetrack - but if it was, Britain would have a new national champion. Londoner Tim Brady is now serving a 10-week jail sentence after being clocked at a record 172mph (277 kmh) in a Porsche (not pictured) he borrowed from his employer – that’s 16mph faster than the previous four-wheeled record holder.  Read More

New GT-R set for launch in October

September 27, 2007 Nissan has begun the pre-launch build-up for its new, high performance GT-R sports car ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show on October 24. Japan will be the first to get the GT-R (previous models were known as the Skyline GT-R) in December with an expected price of 7.8 million yen (US$67,500).  Read More

1985 Buckingham - a true one off

September 26, 2007 This car might well be one of the most expensive automobiles to have ever been owned with running costs, including depreciation, insurance, registration, garaging ad infinitum, currently standing at well over UKP 700 (US$1400) a mile. Costing around UKP250,000 to build, it has covered just 348 miles in the past 22 years and its value is now estimated around UKP30,000 – meaning it has cost UKP 632 (US$1264) per mile in depreciation alone! The car, which took eight Aston Martin Lagonda craftsmen two years to design and three years to construct, is going to auction next week.  Read More

700kg, 300 bhp carbon fibre X-Bow

KTM has announced plans to build a new assembly plant for the production of its first car – the 700kg, 300 bhp carbon fibre X-Bow roadster. Back in April Gizmag reported on the company’s intention to out-source production of 1,000 units per year, but the hugely positive reaction to the X-Bow along with the successful introduction of its first generation of sports quads onto the US market has prompted the decision to create its own “four-wheel centre of excellence” assembly facility.  Read More

Volvo S-80

September 24, 2007 German motorsport company Heico Sportiv has done some serious tweaking to the Volvo S80 T6 to produce a customized 260kW concept designed to showcase the potential of the standard AWD model. The high-performance concept will be on display at the 2007 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) automotive tradeshow beginning on October 30 in Las Vegas.  Read More

World record breaking run

September 24, 2007 Shelby Supercars (SSC) has reported a world record 257mph run in speed testing of its 1183bhp, twin-turbo V8 Ultimate Aero TT. The first pass was recorded at 257.41mph (414.31kmh) and the second pass was recorded at 254.88mph (410.24kmh) in testing on a temporarily-closed two lane stretch of public highway in the company’s home state of Washington for an average top speed of 256.15mph.  Read More

Unique Y-architecture

The first 2008 Can-Am™ Spyder™ roadster has rolled off the assembly line in Valcourt, Québec. Gizmag readers will be familiar with the uniquely designed three-wheeler which has generated massive interest since being unveiled earlier this year. Lying somewhere between a motorcycle and a convertible sports car, the first production models of the 990cc, Y- shaped Spyder roadster (two wheels in the front, one in the rear) will be delivered to dealerships across North America next month with International markets to take delivery at the beginning of 2008.  Read More

The paintless Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang

September 20, 2007 Ah, the Bugatti Veyron – the supercar to end all supercars. The one million Euro, 400 km/h (248.5 mph) machine laid claim to the title of the fastest, most powerful and most expensive street-legal production car in the world in 2005. But more than that, it’s an engineering achievement of epic proportions, a 1000-horsepower, aluminum and carbon-fiber celebration of the pinnacles of speed, power and aerodynamics that are possible when no expense is spared. The sheer genius and artistry of its construction are highlighted by the limited edition Veyron Pur Sang unveiled at Frankfurt, the first supercar ever released without a paint job. The raw beauty of the Pur Sang’s perfectly shaped materials is even more striking and inspiring than the gorgeous paint jobs on the standard production models.  Read More

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