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Chevrolet unveils new Avalanche with E85 FlexFuel

February 12, 2006 General Motors introduced the latest rollout of its next-generation full-size truck family, the 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche, at the Chicago Auto Show. The Avalanche combines the passenger-comfort of an SUV with the cargo capability of a truck and the new 2007 model offers more power, better fuel economy and optional E85 flex-fuel capability. E85 FlexFuel vehicles can run on any combination of gasoline and/or E85, a fuel blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. E85 can contribute to energy independence because it diversifies the source of transportation fuels beyond petroleum, and it provides positive environmental benefits in the form of reduced greenhouse gas emissions.  Read More

World premiere of all-new Toyota Tundra full-size Pickup

February 12, 2006 –Toyota unveiled the all-new next-generation Tundra full-size pickup truck at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show this week, completely redesigning every single to create a bigger, more powerful vehicle with the ability to tow over 10,000 pounds. The Tundra will be aimed at the ‘True Trucker,' the people Toyota regards as the “true opinion leaders among full-size owners.” True Truckers, says Toyota, are “highly credible because they use, punish, and demand the most out of the pickups they buy."  Read More

Eight cylinders, 2.4 litres, more than 700 bhp, more than 19,000 rpm

February 11, 2006 The new Mercedes-Benz Formula One engine for 2006 has eight cylinders in a V-configuration, a capacity of 2.4 litres, and produces “more than 700 brake horsepower” at “more than 9,000 rpm” and weighs just 95 kilograms. The engine and the new livery of the McLaren Mercedes MP4 2006 car were unveiled overnight, adding to those we have already covered for the Toyota, BMW, Ferrari, Honda, Williams and Renault teams. In keeping with McLaren’s high tech brand values, the new livery has an innovative surface coating, which achieves a high level of reflectivity and makes the largely composite machine appear chromed. The technology used was perfected by McLaren during the past six months and is completely new to Formula One.  Read More

the CCX

February 11, 2006 Less than twelve months ago, the Koenigsegg CCR was the most powerful and fastest production car in the world, having just achieved a top speed of 388 km/h (Caution: large WMV movie) , raising McLaren's mark of 372 kmh set in 1993 by a whopping margin. Prior to the CCR, the company’s CC8 was the world’s most powerful production car and the Swedish company has a proud history of creating brutally powerful roadsters. Then Bugatti finally put the long-awaited Veyron into production in October last, and it immediately became the world’s fastest (407 km/h), most powerful (987 bhp), most torquey (1,250 Nm at 2,200 rpm) and most outrageous (16-cylinder engine with four turbochargers and that’s just for starters) production automobile in automotive history. When Koenigsegg sent us an invitation to the launch of a new car at the 76th Salon International de l'Auto in Geneva we were kinda hopeful that they'd found another 200 horses and 20 km/h and were aiming to reclaim their place at the top of the speed charts. Sadly, the CCX will be the second fastest car in the world with the same top speed (388 km/h) as the CCR produced from its 806 bhp engine pushing the 2200 pound carbon fibre body. It goes 0 to 62 mph in just 3.2 seconds, and runs the standing quarter mile in just 9 seconds at 146 mph. The American-only CCX will only be sold in one location - Exotic Cars in the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace Las Vegas has just been appointed the first and only dealer in the United States for its exclusive supercars.  Read More

The new 510 hp V8 Mercedes-Benz R 63 AMG

February 10, 2006 Mercedes-AMG unveiled the new R 63 AMG at the Chicago Auto Show yesterday. An interpretation of the Mercedes-Benz R-Class, the R 63 AMG is powered by the new AMG 6.3-litre V8-engine. With an output of 375 kW/510 hp, 630 Newton metres of torque and permanent four-wheel drive, the Grand Sports Tourer offers a combination of sportiness, spaciousness and top-class comfort for up to six passengers. Following on from the unveiling of the Vision R 63 AMG at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt/Main in September 2005, and the positive response to this show car, the series-produced model is now being launched with availability in the third quarter of 2006.  Read More

An EXTREME Truck like no other - the International MXT 4x4 Pickup

February 10, 2006 If playing keep-up with the Jones is your game, and said Mr Jones buys a Hummer, what do you do? You go out and buy an International pick-up, that’s what! The World’s Largest Pickup Truck was created by taking the trailer off a prime hauler, doing a bit of remodelling here and there, and turning it into a humungous don't-mess-with-me three-dimensional personal statement - a pickup so big that the crew cab can seat five sumo wrestlers with ease (providing one of them can drive) and the tray can carry a jet ski or a motorcycle with the tailgate up. Yesterday at the Chicago Auto Show, International unveiled the new International MXT 4x4 pickup truck, which has the same gargantuan proportions and strength as its brethren (it can tow 8 tons), and slots in as the third member of International's XT family, joining the CXT and the RXT.  Read More

Volkswagen shows first U.S.-bound Golf

February 10, 2006 Volkswagen chose the Chicago Auto Show to debut the fifth generation of Europe’s best-selling car, the new Volkswagen Golf hatchback. While it is hands down the most popular motoring choice for drivers on the other side of the Atlantic, one of the most interesting claims made by Volkswagen in announcing the new Golf was “an appeal that transcends both status and social class.” VW believes the Golf appeals to the purist, as it “epitomizes an authentic German car built for a wide group of buyers who share a stringent set of Teutonic standards for motoring.” The US Golf will go on sale mid year in both two- and four-door versions, though no pricing has been announced. Standard items on all new Golfs will include an advanced ABS braking system, traction control, active headrests (front), front and rear head curtain protection, front side airbags, manual climate control and anti-theft alarm system with remote locking.  Read More

The incredibly versatile Dodge Rampage Concept Vehicle

February 9, 2006 Bold, powerful and supremely versatile, the exquisitely-named Dodge Rampage concept vehicle was unveiled yesterday at the Chicago Motor Show and we think it’s a very exciting variation on the pickup truck theme. As the principal exterior designer of the Rampage said it, "this is a truck for the person who wants the functional aspects of a truck yet doesn’t want a traditional vehicle. The Rampage has the capability of a pickup without sacrificing occupant space."  Read More

Hyundai Entourage Makes World Debut At Chicago Auto Show

February 9, 2006 The new 2007 Hyundai Entourage minivan made its world debut yesterday at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show. Entourage is the first vehicle with the Hyundai Hideaway third-row seat, a simple-to-use 60/40 split fold-into-the floor seat offering flexibility for up to seven passengers. Hyundai packed the all-new Entourage with a range of safety technologies, including Electronic Stability Control (ESC), anti-whiplash active front head restraints and six airbags including side air curtains, which help protect occupants in all three rows during side impacts.  Read More

Hyundai Genus and Accent SR Turbo concepts

February 9, 2006 They’ve obviously been burning the midnight oil at Hyundai’s European design centre in Russelsheim, Germany, with the studio creating two new concept cars for debut at major international auto shows in the next few weeks. The centrepiece of Hyundai’s presentation at the Geneva Motor Show next month will be the Genus concept vehicle, a premium crossover model that combines the sporting dynamism of a coupe with the versatility of an estate car. Also from Russelsheim comes the phat and fast Accent SR Turbo, looking every inch a design study of the next Hyundai World Rally Car, mooted to debut mid 2007 for a tilt at the 2008 season. Accent SR will headline Hyundai’s display at the Melbourne International Motor Show this week. The Accent SR Turbo is based on the three-door hatch variant of the coming new generation MC Accent range, and has the purposeful look of a high performance small car with wide tracks front and rear, big flares framing outsize alloys, lowered sports suspension, body kit and big tailpipes.  Read More

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