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Nissan and NEC form new company to mass produce lithium-ion batteries for the global autom...

April 16, 2007 The evolution towards cleaner powertrains will see the proliferation of a wider mix of electric-powered vehicles including hybrids, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and electric vehicles. Accordingly, it is significant that Nissan Motor Company, NEC Corporation, and its subsidiary, NEC TOKIN, have signed an agreement to establish a joint-venture company – Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC) – to focus on lithium-ion battery business for wide-scale automotive application by 2009.The establishment of AESC demonstrates that both Nissan and NEC firmly believe that lithium-ion battery technology will become an important energy-source in achieving a sustainable mobile society. Both companies are confident that there will be a ready and growing market for lithium-ion batteries in the next decade and beyond.  Read More

Foose Ford F150 press photo

April 14, 2007 In another of the lifestyle branding partnerships that are becoming so common, Ford has announced the release of its F150 pickup as styled by Chip Foose, star of TV's "Overhaulin" and custom vehicle builder for "Gone in 60 Seconds".  Read More

FIA World Touring Car Championship to run on Bio-Fuel in 2009

April 13, 2007 In one of the first developments of its kind the FIA World Touring Car Championship (FIA WTCC) is set to run on bio-fuel from 2009 after the FIA World Motor Sport Council gave unanimous support for the initiative. The FIA WTCC, one of the FIA’s three World Championships alongside Formula One and the World Rally Championship (WRC), is now in its third season having gained increased popularity worldwide. Bio-ethanol fuel will be introduced to the FIA WTCC alongside unleaded petrol and diesel in 2008, before a switch to an exclusive bio-fuel powered championship in 2009.  Read More

International Truck partners with Conquest Motorhomes to enter RV Market

April 12, 2007 With more than $14 billion in retail sales and more than 370,000 annual unit shipments last year, the United States RV industry represented a large and virtually untapped market for International Truck and Engine Corporation – until now. International has announced it is partnering with Conquest Motorhomes, one of the RV industry’s leading manufacturers, to make International the exclusive cab and chassis provider for all of its Class C diesel motorhomes. The Super Nova model from Gulf Stream Coach (pictured) will now use the International DuraStar chassis.  Read More

Mercedes-AMG CLK 63 AMG Black Series

April 11, 2007 Mercedes delivered two new performance cars at the New York Auto Show, replacing the dream car of many with new variants along what is now a 40 year-old theme. The new top-of-the-line CL 65 AMG has a V12 bi-turbo engine delivering 450 kW and 1000 Newton meters of torque, and for those who don’t find the price tag exclusive enough, there’s a limited run 40 units to be known as the "40th Anniversary Edition" with exclusive AMG Alubeam paintwork, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of AMG, the high-performance brand of the Mercedes Car Group (MCG). The new CLK 63 AMG Black Series represents a transition from motor sport into pure culture. The fast V8 coupe is visually and technologically closely related to the Official F1 Safety Car. With its sophisticated cooling and new AMG threaded sport suspension, this two-seater, with 373 kW, is predestined for hard campaigning on the racing circuit.  Read More

Wide-angle driver visibility and safety innovations distinguish Volvo BeeVan Truck Concept

April 10, 2007 Unparalleled driver visibility and innovative design ideas are combined with advanced safety technologies for Class 8 trucks in a one-quarter-scale model truck concept from Volvo Trucks North America. The concept was shown at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January, and is part of the Michelin Challenge Design competition.  Read More

The re-birth of an icon -  the new BMW M3 Coupe

April 7, 2007 BMW has announced details of the new BMW M3 Coupe, a model that 21 years ago created an entirely new segment for super-high-performance compact cars. In the past two decades and three previous generations, the M3 has proved a success on road and track. Originally powered by BMW’s first 16-valve four-cylinder engine and subsequently by 3.0-litre and 3.2-litre powerplants, BMW M3 engines took top category honours on a record six successive occasions in the Engine of the Year awards. Racing derivatives have also won more Touring Car titles than any other car as well as numerous Endurance races.  Read More

Chevrolet’s innovative Beat, Groove or Trax concepts and an equally innovative market rese...

April 4, 2007 Three Chevrolet minicar global concepts designed to appeal to young car buyers in urban markets will be revealed later today at the New York Auto Show; the Chevrolet Beat, Groove and Trax concepts. In an innovative move, Chevrolet will take the market-testing notion one step further than normal by asking the public to pick their favorite at a web site designed specifically for the purpose. The results will help Chevrolet determine U.S. market interest in the minicar segment, and which design/capability package resonates best with potential buyers.  Read More

All-New Subaru Impreza debuts at the New York International Auto Show

April 4, 2007 Subaru will unveil its all new Subaru Impreza at the New York International Auto Show press launch tonight, with the third-generation of the car which started the pocket-rocket phenomenon slated to hit the market mid-year. The new Impreza may look similar to its predecessors but it is entirely new with a redesigned chassis, body construction and drivetrain, as well as substantially improved overall performance.  Read More

Nissan Introduces New Engine Valve Control Technology - Variable Valve Event & Lift (VVEL)...

March 30, 2007 Over the last century of automobile development, we have seen an enormous range of valve actuation technologies, ranging from pushrod, through single then double overhead camshafts, then a range of more recent technologies to enable variable cam timing. Nissan has now announced a new method of valve actuation that delivers a balance of responsiveness and power, fuel efficiency and low emissions. The system combines Nissan’s new Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) and continuous valve timing control (C-VTC) technologies to deliver significantly enhanced performance. A rocker arm and two types of links close the intake-valves by transferring the rotational movement of a drive shaft with an eccentric cam to the output cam. The movement of the output cam can be varied by rotating the control shaft within the DC motor and changing the fulcrums of the links. This makes a continuous adjustment of the valve lift possible. The advanced technologies will be made available initially through the Infiniti G37 coupe, scheduled to be unveiled at the upcoming New York International Auto Show next week. Nissan plans to install the VVEL system, which contributes up to a 10% reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions, on its products worldwide starting from FY07 under the Nissan Green Program 2010.  Read More

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