eO EV breaks nine minute barrier at Pikes Peak hillclimb

Though Rhys Millen won last year's Pikes Peak Hillclimb, he didn't meet all his goals. Millen made it clear he wanted to complete a run in under nine minutes, a feat only Sebastien Loeb had managed before, but the best his electric eO could manage was 9:07.222. This year he broke that barrier, but was beaten to outright honors by Romain Dumas in a petrol-powered Norma. Read More

New McLaren 570S track car sprints into Goodwood

When it revealed the 570S GT4 race car earlier this year, McLaren mentioned that a 570S Sprint track car would be forthcoming. It took a few months, but now the 570S Sprint is here, having made its debut at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Unrestricted by the rules of race or road, the 570S Sprint offers plenty of power and torque, along with a newly tuned ride that's hungry for the nearest track. In short, it's the "most track-focused model in the McLaren Sports Series lineup."Read More

Mercedes GT R brings a little Green Hell to Goodwood

From the Nürburgring, to Brooklands, and on to Goodwood, the Mercedes-AMG GT R debuts as a fully optimized weapon for tracks around the world. Mercedes promises that the 577-hp (430-kW) car is packed with more motorsport-inspired tech than any other production car in its history. And just in case that's not enough to get everyone's attention, the "Green Hell magno" paint should do the trick.Read More

Celebrating Speed: Best of the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016

The curtain has fallen and the engines have wound down after another Goodwood Festival of Speed, leaving just a faint whiff of gasoline in the air around Lord March's estate. Everything from Bugatti's ultra-powerful Chiron to the thunderous Aston Martin Vulcan made a run up the hill this year, with a healthy serving of classic racing goodness in between. Have a look through our gallery for a comprehensive wrap of all the priceless metal that put on a show for the world's motoring enthusiasts.Read More

Autonomous buses hit the road in Switzerland

Switzerland has joined a growing number of places around the world exploring the potential of electric autonomous buses, with a pair of driverless shuttles now ferrying passengers around the city of Sion as part of a two-year trial.Read More

One-off open-top Vantage GT12 debuts as Aston Martin's most extreme roadster ever

What do you do if you love the powerful, lightweight Aston Martin Vantage GT12 but want to feel the wind rustling your hair while behind the wheel? You could just open a window, but if you want to do things right, you get Aston to make a roadster version of the 100-model, GT3-inspired limited edition just for you. The all-new Vantage GT12 Roadster is just that, a customer-commissioned one-off that combines the hardcore thrills of the GT12 with a big slice of sky overhead.Read More

Lamborghini dresses the Aventador up like a Miura to celebrate 50th birthday

In 1966, Lamborghini grabbed the world by the unmentionables and showed it one of the most delicious, lust-worthy cars it had ever seen. Just months after being displayed as a rolling chassis, the Miura and its super-smooth Bertone-crafted body and mid-engine layout made a huge splash at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show. A look at its rollercoaster curves, oval headlights and smooth-dropping fastback, and the car still gives goosebumps 50 years later. So it's no wonder Lamborghini has spent much of the year celebrating the Miura's 50th birthday, just a few years after celebrating its own. The latest piece of the celebration is the all-new Aventador Miura Homage, a special edition Aventador in Miura clothing. Read More

Rolls-Royce Black Badges sneak up on Goodwood

Driving a Rolls-Royce is an exercise in being seen, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to shout with chrome and flashy wheels. To reinforce that point, Rolls-Royce will be running Black Badge versions of the Wraith and Ghost up the hill at Goodwood, with more torque and a paint job to make a stealth bomber jealous.

Read More

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