Review: Ford's Mustang GT is a V8-powered smile generator

Since its launch in 1965, each new Mustang has carried a world of expectation; not just from motoring enthusiasts, but from anyone who's seen one burble past, or been for a ride, or watched Steve McQueen hustle his car around the hilly San Fransisco streets in Bullitt. Even though it's never been a global car, the Mustang is a global icon. Finally though, the rest of the world has a slice of that all-American apple pie, and if our week in a bright red GT Fastback is anything to go by, Ford has managed to instill the latest pony with the same magic that's seen it remain a blue-collar hero for over 50 years.Read More

Bentley makes Continental GT even faster

The new Continental GT Speed by Bentley is the iconic marque's latest answer to the call for better and faster in the luxury car market. Billed as the "fastest production Bentley ever," and with literally no change in engine displacement, the Continental GT Speed is a three-ton car with a top speed of 206 mph (331 km/h), and more power and torque than its slightly tamer GT cousin.Read More

Roborace previews its autonomous, driverless race car

Believe it or not, autonomous race cars will soon be battling it out on the track. As we reported last year, plans are for the Roborace autonomous racing series to run in conjunction with Formula E, starting in the 2016-17 season. Last week, newly-appointed design chief Daniel Simon, who has a diverse background designing concept cars for both global automakers and Hollywood, released the first look at the driverless Roborace car.
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Consumer-ready wireless charger for EVs inches closer

Tesla and Chevrolet might have committed to mass-producing electric cars, but that doesn't mean everyone is ready to plug a battery-powered car into their garage every night. Depending on who you ask, wireless charging might just be the solution. Even if we can't quite expect every manhole or green lane to extend our range just yet, a team at Oak Ridge Laboratories believes it has come close to creating a wireless car charging system efficient enough to broaden the appeal of electric vehicles. Read More

BMW's Personal Mobility Companion is part navigation system, part personal assistant

As networked features work their way into our cars, the world's big manufacturers are working hard to pass the benefits of constant communication between vehicles on to owners. BMW used Microsoft's Build event to launch a new Personal Mobility Companion app, designed to learn about drivers' commutes and apply traffic information to let them know when to leave home for arrival at their destination at just the right time. Read More


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