Faraday Future breaks ground on innovative manufacturing plant

A few weeks ago, startup carmaker Faraday Future (FF) broke ground on a US$1 billion manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be the first plant for the California-based, Chinese backed company that started in 2014 with a view on developing a range of connected electric vehicles. With robot greeters and a long-term goal of being powered completely by renewable energy, the plant is set to be as innovative as the cars that will come out of it. Read More

Riversimple unveils two new hydrogen car concept designs

When the Rasa hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle prototype was launched earlier this year, its unconventional styling was, for some, an acquired taste. At this weekend's London Motor Show Riversimple outlined the potential for an expanded range by showing two new concept designs based on the existing chassis and running gear: a four-door sedan and a light commercial vehicle.Read More

Donkervoort reveals new generation of the Nürburgring-scorching RS

Donkervoort builds distinctive, lightweight roadsters and hard-tops that are part race car, part classic car and enough street car to drive legally down highways – at least in some countries. The retro-modern speedsters have gradually evolved from their Lotus Seven-inspired roots, offering aggressive looks and fast, sharp rides on track and road. In 2004, the Donkervoort D8 RS set a Nürburgring record, blowing the previous Porsche Carrera GT record away by close to 15 seconds. And now Donkervoort is launching that model's spiritual successor, the D8 GTO-RS.
Read More

Ford's new system takes wind tunnel testing on tour

Ford's engineers may have found a way to cut the cost and development time associated with wind tunnel testing of new vehicles. Made up of two shipping containers, the automaker's new mobile aeroacoustic setup is designed to test in-cabin wind noise at a fraction of the usual cost.Read More


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