Renault Alpine resurresction continues with A460 racer

Legendary French sportscar manufacturer Alpine is continuing its Renault-driven renaissance with a World Endurance Championship competitor. The A460 will compete in the LMP2 class, with Renault Alpine hoping to carry on the legacy of the A441 that took out the European Sport-Prototype Championship in 1974.Read More

Daimler electric trucks to deliver cost savings in Stuttgart

As electric cars careen towards the mainstream, the world's truck manufacturers are also working to make the most of battery power to cut local CO2 emissions and running costs. Daimler is attempting to demonstrate the benefits of moving to electric trucks by running four Fuso E-Cell trucks in Stuttgart, where they'll deal with everything from road construction to furniture delivery.Read More

Volvo shows off new gearbox by pulling 750 tonnes from standstill

Dual-clutch gearboxes are fitted to everything from family wagons to world-crushing Bugattis in cars, but haven't had quite the same impact in the trucking world. Having launched its I-Shift dual-clutch gearbox in 2014, Volvo has now added crawler gears to the system in an attempt to broaden its appeal. Unsatisfied with a traditional launch, the company has shown off the transmission by pulling a 750-tonne load from standstill.Read More

Tesla Model S gets new face and Bioweapon Defense Mode

Hot on the heels of the Model 3 launch, Tesla has given its Model S a refresh. Having launched a range of updates over the air since the big sedan launched in 2013, this is the first traditional update the electric carmaker has released, and brings some sharp new styling cues, new pricing and extended range. The entry-level Model X has also been updated, with a bigger battery and bigger price to match.Read More

Premium carmaker turns premium car-sharer

A number of new car-sharing services have been announced of late, not least by carmakers looking to diversify, like GM and Hyundai. BMW is the latest to get in on the act and it's seeking to differentiate its new service by loading it with additional features in what it calls "car-sharing 2.0."Read More

Hennessey Venom GT Spyder tears its way to world's fastest convertible title

The Hennessey Venom GT is due to be replaced by the Venom F5 anytime now, but Hennessey's original hyper-Lotus isn't retiring quietly. Even as a lame duck, the Venom GT remains one of the most electrifying cars in the world. Two years after Hennessey set an unofficial 270.49-mph (435.31-km/h) production car speed record in the coupe version, it's raised the bar for convertible supercars by over 11 mph. The Hennessey Venom GT Spyder is now the fastest convertible in the world.Read More

Versatile electric lift gives you a "down" button for your car-top cargo

Roof racks and rooftop cargo boxes are great for transporting your gear to and fro. They're not always so great when it comes time to hoist that gear atop or take it down from a high vehicle's roof. Monkeying all over your car, muddying and scuffing the seats as you get in the right position, and straining your muscles before you even get started biking, kayaking or whatever ... there must be a better way. Engineer Paul Buller believes that better way is his RazerLift, a push-button electric lift that makes getting your gear up and down easier than reaching for the top shelf of your kitchen cabinet.
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