Audi's "Jack" autonomous car becomes a kind, courteous driver

Over the years, Audi's piloted driving fleet has pushed autonomous driving forward with such feats as a Pikes Peak ascent and a Hockenheim lap. Audi's latest piloted driving accomplishment isn't quite so flashy, but it promises to be more important for everyday driving. A piloted A7 research car nicknamed "Jack" has become a smart, courteous defensive driver that should be a pleasure to drive beside, whether you're handling the wheel or rolling in an autonomous car of your own. Audi calls it a "research car with social competence."Read More

Fabric sensors to make car seats smarter and safer

The problem with most car seats today is that the sensing devices in them can't distinguish the difference between say an inanimate bag of groceries versus a highly fidgety child if both are similar in weight. BeBop Sensors is working to change that with fabric sensors it's developed that are meant to make car seats smarter and thus safer.Read More

Alfa Romeo Giulia boasts lightweight body and slick styling

Alfa Romeo has a long and storied history in the automotive world, but the Italian marque has suffered its fair share of difficulties over the years. Alfa's range was made up of just two small hatchbacks between 2008 and 2013, but exciting things are happening in Turin. The 4C supercar launched in 2013, and now the new Giulia has all the right ingredients to take on midsize sedans like the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4. Read More

Greenwich opens autonomous driving trials up to the public

As the world's automakers push to have their self-driving cars ready for widespread adoption, trials are popping up everywhere from China to the UK. Greenwich is the latest area to open itself up to self-driving car trials, but is letting the general public get in on the act in an attempt to find out how they feel about ceding control to a car.Read More

Texting while driving messes with your "sixth sense"

News flash: texting while driving is dangerous. While this probably isn't news to anyone, a study from the University of Houston has delved deeper into why this is, and compared it to other distractions like being lost in thought, or engaging in passionate conversation with passengers. Results suggest that an innate "sixth sense" counters mental distractions, but fails while texting.Read More

BMW says self-driving i NEXT will be available in 2021

From Audi to Volvo, the world's automakers are pushing hard to have their autonomous cars ready for general consumption, but BMW's CEO has just given one of the clearest indications yet of when we can first expect to give up the steering wheel. Speaking at a shareholder meeting this week, Harald Kr├╝ger said the Bavarian giant would have an autonomous vehicle called the i NEXT on the road by 2021. Read More


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