Microlino electrifies the Isetta "bubble car"

Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems AG has gone back to the future for inspiration for its Microlino electric vehicle. Revealed in prototype form at the Geneva Motor Show, the Microlino electrifies the Italian-designed Isetta "bubble car" made famous by BMW, which built the vehicle under license from 1955 to 1963.Read More

Mercedes GLC sacrifices room and practicality in the name of style

It seems Mercedes has forgotten about the middle letter in SUV. Certainly, the designers of the three-pointed star's latest four-wheel drive didn't seem overly concerned with utility when they cut into rear-seat headroom, bootspace and visibility to create the GLC Coupe, which takes a sensible family soft-roader and turns it into a high-riding, BMW X4-style couple for buyers apparently more concerned with form than function.Read More

Shelby drops GT-H Mustang for renters in a hurry

Ford first teamed with Hertz back in 1966 to inject some V8 power into rental lots with the Rent-a-Racer Ford Shelby GT350-H. The relationship continued with the Shelby GT-H launched at the New York Auto Show in 2006. Now, to celebrate 50 years since the first Hertz Mustang, Ford has launched the third instalment in the series, the limited edition Shelby GT-H.Read More

Ford's Glare-Free Highbeam does the dipping for you

Drivers who spend lots of time traversing dark highways will know how much of a difference flicking the high-beams on can make, but there's always the risk that you'll forget to dip them for oncoming traffic. Ford's new Glare-Free Highbeam system is aimed at tackling the problem by tracking other road users and adapting the shape of the beam to spare them a case of flash blindness.Read More

A closer look at the new McLaren 570GT

When McLaren re-entered the road car arena, it was on the back of the brand's strong motorsport connection. But not all buyers are after a road-going racer – some need room for luggage, and others want to enjoy their supercars on cross-country jaunts. That's where the 570GT comes in. With more luggage space than a Ford Focus, and a softer suspension than the 570S, the GT is designed to open McLaren up to buyers with dreams of practical, long distance motoring. Gizmag was on hand at the Australian launch to chat with designer Robert Melville.Read More

Twenty carmakers commit to automatic emergency braking as standard

We may still be some way off having fully autonomous cars to drive us around, but many of today's cars already have semi-autonomous driver assistance features, such as automatic emergency braking (AEB). Indeed, 20 carmakers have just committed to making AEB standard on new cars in the US by 2022.Read More

Chevrolet pitches 640-hp Camaro ZL1 as ultimate all-round pony car

As muscle cars move away from their unrefined past in search of broader appeal and better handling, the number of choices facing prospective buyers continues to grow. People keen on the Chevrolet Camaro already have to decide between four, six and eight cylinder options, but the decision just became more difficult with the addition of the 640 hp, supercharged ZL1 - a car designed to be the perfect all-rounder for fans of powerful pony cars. Read More


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