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Auto Mee S mini robot cleans your tablet so you don't have to


February 7, 2013

Takara Tomy's Auto Mee S can clean a tablet screen in about 8 minutes

Takara Tomy's Auto Mee S can clean a tablet screen in about 8 minutes

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Japanese toy giant Takara Tomy has unveiled what could be the ultimate unnecessary accessory for your tablet or smartphone – a mini Roomba-like cleaning "robot" called the Auto Mee S. The gadget features two rotating cleaning pads which can clear away greasy fingerprints and annoying dust particles, and it's smart enough to automatically turn around when it reaches the edge of your device.

Back in 1986, the company sold a cleaning robot called the SO-G, or Dustbot (not to be confused with this Italian robot), that would push a little broom around and actually vacuumed to clean up your floors. It was too small and slow to really clean a room, but it made up for that with its cute appearance.

Likewise, Takara Tomy claims the Auto Mee S, measuring just 2.75 inches (7 cm) in diameter, will clean a smartphone in about four minutes or a tablet in eight minutes ... which would only take a couple of seconds if done by hand.

Set to hit Japanese stores in late March, the Auto Mee S comes in white, pink, orange, and blue and will cost ¥1,575 (US$16.85). It runs on a single AA battery (not included).

Source: Takara Tomy (Japanese) via Akihabara News

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why not one for your windows?...i don't mind doing the tablet...

John Parkes

Oddly, I love it


Finally! Something to alieviate the hours of drudgery spent cleaning my tablet screen every day.


Not a bad price considering the cost of some other equally useless tablet accessories.

Daniel Moreno

This product is the ultimate waste of space solving a problem that a handkerchief does at a fraction of the cost. Sales forecast outside of Japan: zero. The next biggest waste of space is the article itself, and the third is my comment on it.


@John Hemingway Parkes - They have several out for windows. They are mostly geared toward high rise windows but some should work on house or car windows...

Here are two from Gizmags simmilar articles below: http://www.gizmag.com/windoro-window-cleaning-robot/16436/ http://www.gizmag.com/winbot-7/25757/


Ha, that's funny, but completely impractical in every way.

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