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The 10 best launch games for the HTC Vive

It's funny that, just a couple months ago, we were unsure how deep the HTC Vive's game library would be at launch. While its launch game collection isn't necessarily deeper than the Oculus Rift's, it's arguably better – soaring to higher heights with the Vive's room-scale magic. After playing the hell out of the Vive since last week, we have 10 picks for the best Vive games to download on Day One.Read More

VR Review

HTC Vive review: This is VR the way we always imagined it

Most of us grew up imagining VR as first-person simulations. Whether it was trading virtual gunfire, exploring fantastic worlds you'd never see in real life or chatting with people who only exist inside a computer, the VR of our dreams was always a first-person experience. It turns out our imaginations were onto something, as that's where today's VR is indeed the most magical. It's also where the stellar HTC Vive leaps past its competitors.Read More

Mobile Technology Review

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge review: Next-level low-light photography and so much more

We can't decide if the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are incredibly easy or incredibly hard to review. They get so many things right that it's easy to sing their praises, but because they're so good and polished, lacking the kinds of gimmicks that used to define Samsung phones, they almost make for a boring review (after all, problems and conflict are the root of all storytelling). We'll do our best to keep things interesting, despite the lack of drama in these two near-perfect flagships.Read More

Mobile Technology

iPhone SE vs. Samsung Galaxy S7

If the two phones you're considering are the iPhone SE and Galaxy S7, then you must have pretty flexible taste. Samsung's is a modern-sized flagship with modern flagship pricing, while Apple's is a budget-priced horsepower upgrade to a teeny-tiny phone from years ago. In other words, the two aren't obvious rivals at all. Nonetheless, being the two biggest names in mobile, someone is sure to wonder – so let's see how they stack up.Read More


Setting up the HTC Vive (Pre): Just how big of a commitment is room-scale VR?

It seems like just about everyone who tries the HTC Vive's room-scale VR walks away blown away by its sense of immersion, but one concern keeps popping up: "am I really going to devote an entire friggin' room in my home to this?" We did just that, and, while Vive setup certainly isn't as simple as plug-and-play, we did learn a couple of things about what this is going to be like moving forward.Read More


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