Will Shanklin

Oculus Rift still set for Q1 2016 launch, with pre-orders starting soon after the new year

When Oculus VR announced the consumer Rift earlier this year, the company had mentioned that pre-orders would start late in 2015 ahead of the headset's Q1 2016 launch. Today the company's founder shed some light on the lack of an official pre-order announcement, saying we can now expect them to start soon after the new year. More importantly, the Oculus Rift's release window is still on track.Read More


Fossil Q Founder early impressions: Fossil Group's first smartwatch looks great, is reasonably priced

As smartwatches continue to become more mainstream, traditional watchmakers are going through a transitional period. Instead of seeing smartwatches merely as a threat, though, companies like Tag Heuer and Fossil are embracing the opportunity and trying to make great smartwatches themselves. It's too early to know if "great" is the right word for this Android Wear-running watch (we'll run a full review after spending more time with it), but the Fossil Q Founder is certainly promising.Read More


Tips and tricks for the Samsung Gear VR

One of the perks of Samsung and Oculus releasing public developer kits for the Gear VR headset is that, though it just became a consumer product, some of us have already been using different versions of the headset for over a year. Let us help you get started with some handy tips and tricks to get the most out of the consumer Gear VR.Read More

HTC Vive now set to launch in April of 2016

The HTC Vive was originally supposed to launch right around now (if not earlier), before the end of 2015 – potentially giving the PC-based virtual reality headset a head start on the Oculus Rift and Playstation VR in winning over VR early adopters. Though we'd already heard that the Vive's widespread launch had been delayed into 2016, the company has now made it official that consumers won't get to step into the room-sized VR experience until April.Read More


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