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Bose QC15 headphones - developed from 30 years of research and testing

After more than 30 years of continual research into noise reduction technology, Bose has released the QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones. Further engineering advancements in active and passive noise reduction technologies have ensured the QC 15 headphones offer more attenuation of unwanted noise in louder environments, across a wider range of frequencies.  Read More

Fully-featured and rack-mountable, the DJM-5000 has plenty to offer (Photo: Business Wire)

Pioneer Electronics is a name synonymous with innovation in the DJ industry. The company's latest offering is no exception, the DJM-5000 – an audio mixer designed specifically for the growing number of mobile DJ’s and entertainers. It incorporates five products into one neat package; an audio interface, MIDI controller, microphone effecter, audio processor and second zone mixer, which gives users much greater control over their performances and cuts back on the amount of gear they need to carry around as their requirements grow and change.  Read More

The Pioneer Elite SC27 AV receiver is no slouch when it comes to connectivity and with Cla...

Pioneer Electronics US recently announced four new receivers to add to its Elite line-up, bringing greater clarity, detail and response to the high definition audio that Blu-Ray and HD DVD offer. The Elite SC-25 and SC-27 feature a Direct Energy HD Class-D amplifier, employing Pioneer’s ICEPower technology to ensure the levels of performance they expect from HD audio soundtracks.  Read More

DiskGO Backup and 128GB Flash drive

Over the last few years USB Flash drives have increased considerably in capacity and come down in price. Keeping the trend going is Edge Tech Corp with two new additions to its stable - the 128GB DiskGO and the tiny DiskGO Backup USB Flash drive.  Read More

The Zoom R16 - recorder, interface and controller all rolled into one neat portable packag...

Multi-track recorders allow home users to get professional results on a budget and Zoom Corporation takes this a step further with the versatile and truly portable R16. The diminutive R16 rolls a 16 track recorder, audio interface and control surface all into one. Perhaps the most notable feature is the ability to record to an SD memory card (supporting up to 32GB on an SDHC card). Not only does this add to the R16 portability credentials, but also avoids the pitfalls of hard drive crashes and associated problems.  Read More

The clean, simple, functional look of the NAD Masters Series M2 Direct Digital Amplifier b...

We’ve been living in a digital age for a while now and many of us access all our music from digital formats like CD and MP3. But has anyone managed to perfect a purely digital amplifier? NAD believes it has with the Master Series M2 Direct Digital Amplifier.  Read More

KEF Concept Blade loudspeaker is made from a carbon-fiber, balsa-wood composite found in u...

Three years of exhaustive research, testing and experimentation has resulted in the KEF Concept Blade loudspeaker. In particular, the loudspeaker showcases KEF’s cutting-edge capabilities and commitment to furthering innovative design.  Read More

A better look at the CS3's open baffle design.

Premiering recently at AKFest 2009, Emerald Physics CS3 loudspeaker joins the acclaimed CS1 and CS2.3 as part of the company's unconventional line-up. Similar in concept to Tannoy’s Prestige range of speakers, the CS3 employs a 12 inch point source driver with a compression tweeter mounted in the center of the driver. This coaxial design is also far more efficient than conventional driver arrangements, making better use of your available amplifier power.  Read More

Home theatre use

The majority of the “effects” you get from your surround speakers are quite directional, so ensuring that in-built speakers are pointing the right way is an important part of nailing your home theater set-up. Entering a relatively new area of the market is QPD Speakers with its range of motorized in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. These units use an adjustable design that caters for 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50 degree angles, allowing tweeters to fire directly towards the listening area rather than straight down or across.  Read More

Load up: the Cetma cargo bike is handmade and built to order

Given that there are more bicycles sold in the world each year than cars, they are non-polluting, the transport of choice for many developing countries and are used to deliver a large part of the world's freight the final mile, it’s a wonder there aren’t more purpose-built cargo bikes around. The Cetma cargo bike, produced by a small, one-man operation in the US state of Oregon, is one that is out there ... delivering.  Read More

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