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Destroying cancer cells with exploding gold nanoparticles

One of the most promising applications in the emerging field of nanomedicine is cancer treatment. The ability to target individual cells provides safer and more effective treatment than current approaches like chemotherapy in which healthy cells become collateral damage in the effort to knock out cancerous tumors. This potential has again been demonstrated by scientists at Rice University who have developed a way to "blow up" individual diseased cells using lasers and gold nanoparticles.Read More


Smart Cameras: Exilim EX-FS10S analyzes your golf swing

Casio's Exilim EX-FS10S is a compact digital camera with a twist - it's designed to help improve your golf swing. Using a special burst mode, the camera captures 1000 video frames in one second. While onboard software’s detect your club, the position of your elbows, arms and head, and once you swing your shot the camera compares your swing with an ideal swing plane on the monitor.Read More


North Face Etip gloves for touch screens

You are in a freezing cold condition with a thick glove on. How do you use your touch screen GPS, touch screen phone or a touch screen media player without taking your gloves off? Well, you can if you are wearing the new North Face Etip gloves. They feature the company’s "X-Static" fabric on the tips of the thumbs and index fingers which allows you to operate any touch-screen device, without having to take them off. Read More

Around The Home

ChotuKool: the $69 fridge for rural India

Is this the world’s cheapest refrigerator? Launched by Indian conglomerate Godrej and Boyce, ChotuKool's $69 price tag is not the only reason it can be called super economical. The portable, top-opening unit weighs only 7.8kg, uses high-end insulation to stay cool for hours without power and consumes half the energy used by regular refrigerators. This is a product that has crossed several technological barriers and is designed to cross several social barriers as well.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Fighting malaria with SMS

In Africa a million people, mostly pregnant women and young children, die every year due to malaria despite the fact that the disease is mostly curable. The problem lies in that life saving drugs are not available when and where it is needed most. "SMS for Life" is a new Short Messaging Service (SMS) based malaria medicine stocking system developed by IBM, Novartis, Vodafone and Roll Back Malaria partnership that aims to solve this problem. It uses a combination of existing mobile phones, existing SMS service and combined it with intuitive websites to track and manage the supply of drugs to ensure stocks do not run out.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Millipore Scepter shrinks cell counting technology

From identifying anemia by counting red blood cells to tracking the growth of cell/ tissue cultures in a laboratory, counting cells is the basis of many life science activities. Designed to replace the process of counting cells manually under a microscope using a hemocytometer or an expensive desk top automatic cell counter, Millipore's Scepter crams cell counting technology found in much larger instruments into a hand-held device the size of an automated pipette. Read More


Toshiba Dynario - Portable Fuel Cell in your backpack

Fuel cells are the cleanest and the most efficient generators of energy and now you can have one in your backpack. Dynario, a portable fuel cell power generator recently launched by Toshiba Corporation, weighs just 280 grams, measures only 15cm wide x 2.1cm deep x 7.45cm high and can produce enough power in 20 seconds to charge two mobile phones. The power is stored in in-built lithium ion batteries and can be transferred via a USB cable to your mobile phone or digital media player when needed. Read More


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