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Stu Robarts

Shell is working with Gordon Murray to develop a new compact, efficient concept city car

Professor Gordon Murray's T.25 city car was designed to be compact, as well as cheap to produce, purchase and run. Now, it has been revealed that the T.25 will undergo a "ground-up, total re-think." Project M will see a new small and efficient concept car developed in partnership with Shell.  Read More

The Bolt electric skateboard is designed for commuting

The addition of electric power to the humble skateboard appears to given it a new lease of life. Electric skateboards are seen as a legitimate means of getting from A to B and are being designed specifically for that purpose. The Bolt is one such board and is claimed to be the smallest and lightest.  Read More

Los Angeles will reduce its street lighting energy consumption by up to 70 percent, by swi...

Philips has announced that it plans to make 110,000 LED street lights in Los Angeles connected. The company will bring the lights online using new plug-and-play CityTouch technology. It is said to be quick and easy to install, and will allow the city's lights to be monitored and controlled via the web.  Read More

The Ultima Evolution will run a standing quarter mile (0.4 km) in 9.2 seconds

British carmaker Ultima describes its GTR as "the quickest accelerating and decelerating supercar of all time and multiple world speed record holder." Well, the GTR, along with the Can-Am, is no more, but Ultima has announced their replacement, the Evolution.  Read More

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus says its SCG003 could complete the Nürburgring Nordschleife i...

It looks as though the Nürburgring Nordschleife may have a new contender for its production car lap record. Two Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) SCG003C supercars were entered in the VLN Endurance Championship season opener with SCG saying their performances were cause for optimism.  Read More

The Kia Novo concept is a 1.6 l (0.35 gal) fastback coupé

South Korean carmaker Kia has debuted a new sleek and powerful-looking concept car at the 2015 Seoul Motor Show. The Novo takes a fastback coupé style that looks almost futuristic, and while many concepts are blue-sky exercises, Kia insists the Novo gives "clear hints" about its future designs.  Read More

Delphi says that 99 percent of the drive from San Francisco to New York was fully automate... British-based auto-firm Delphi has completed a journey from San Francisco to New York with its self-driving car. The trip, announced in March, covered nearly 3,400 miles (5,500 km) and took nine days. Delphi says it is the first US coast-to-coast trip ever taken by an automated vehicle.  Read More

The Bullitt Center in Seattle has been awarded Living Building Certification

Since opening in 2013, Seattle's Bullitt Center has been claimed to be the world's greenest commercial building. Now, it's been awarded Living Building certification, a mark that's regarded as the highest standard of building sustainability.  Read More

The Philips Hue Go allows users to choose from more than 16 million colors and seven diffe...

Philips Hue lights let users choose the brightness and color of light they want for any room. Now, a new Hue device lets you carry your chosen ambience around in a portable bowl-sized light as well. The Philips Hue Go is a portable lamp that users can control with their smartphone.  Read More

Honda has announced that the S660 and S660 Concept Edition will go on sale in Japan starti...

Honda has announced that a production version of a concept it showcased at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show will be made available to buy. The Honda S660 is designed to be a fully-fledged sports car packed into a mini, two-seater form. A limited-availability Concept Edition will also be rolled out.  Read More

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