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Hypersonic civil aviation: Sydney to Brussels in four hours

August 30, 2007 Imagine long-distance air-travel that could get you to the other side of the globe in less than a quarter of the time it presently takes? Researchers from Reaction Engines, a company created for design and development of advanced space transport and propulsion systems, are investigating the possibility of hypersonic civil transport in a three year study to examine the feasibility of reducing long-distance flights (e.g. from Brussels to Sydney) to less than 4 hours. Read More

Health & Wellbeing

COOLINE personal evaporative cooling vest

August 29, 2007 This thermal cooling vest from COOLINE has been developed to meet the concern of climate related health issues and combat the enormous stress heat can cause on the human body. Worn under or over everyday clothing to cool the body directly, the vest is designed as a functional piece of clothing that is simply filled with water from the tap and uses evaporative cooling to regulate body temperature. Read More

Mobile Technology

Quadcharge universal charging station

August 28, 2007 The Quadcharge is an inexpensive, all in one hub that allows you to charge four devices simultaneously whilst decreasing the number of AC adaptors that need to be connected to a power source, while at the same time cleaning up the tangled web of cords that otherwise pervade your kitchen bench-top or home office space.Read More

Mobile Technology

World Record 304km Wi-Fi connection

August 27, 2007 A new world record distance for a 5 GHz Wi-Fi link has been achieved by the Italian Center for Radio Activities (C.I.S.A.R), and Ubiquiti Networks, a leading innovator in outdoor wireless broadband solutions. The distance of 304km (188.89 miles) was established from Sardinia Island to Central Italy achieving data-rates of about 5Mbps, using Ubiquiti’s XtremeRange5 (XR5) High-Power Carrier Class mini-PCI radio module and 35dBi 5 GHz parabolic dish antennas. Read More

Digital Cameras

Canon announces 21.1 megapixel EOS-1Ds Mark III digital camera

August 25, 2007 Following news of its latest prosumer digital SLR - the EOS 40D - Canon has announced the upcoming release of their new professional flagship model, the EOS 1Ds Mark III. The impressive specs of the Mark III include a massive 21.1 megapixel CMOS Sensor and the ability to capture up to 5 frames per second (fps), along with a dual DIGIC III Image Processor, EOS Integrated Cleaning System and a 3.0" fine detail LCD Screen. Read More


Toyota’s new Tour Guide Robot

Toyota has unveiled a new Tour Guide Robot that features completely autonomous motion, jointed fingers, image recognition and complex verbal communication skills. Both Toyota and Honda (which has spent more than 20 years developing Asimo the humanoid robot), will leverage their already established global sales networks to become key players in the robotics market over coming decades. Toyota will become the largest car manufacturer in the world this year and with cars getting smarter and smaller and robots evolving to be able to carry people, a new era of convergence in personal mobility is on the horizon. The direction is predictable, but who knows what form it will take… and we can't wait to see what they do next. Read More


Centurion DiskHub storage device with DVD-RW drive

August 23, 2007 Digistore Solutions is set to release a new carousel-like optical data storage hub called the Centurion DiskHub. Capable of holding up to 100 disks and including a built in dual layer DVD/CD rewritable drive (DVD-RW) for read/write functionality, the Centurion DiscHub offers a complete backup, archiving, storage and indexing solution.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Steamless Infrared sauna

August 22, 2007 Infrared saunas that use radiant energy to heat the body directly are gaining attention in the international market. These products are seen as a more beneficial and therapeutic sauna experience, use far less power, operate at significantly lower temperatures and according to promoters, they are far more effective at releasing dangerous toxins from the human body... and importantly with recent models like the Sahara from Di Vapor, you can also listen to your MP3s. Read More


Electric inflatable watercraft - the Jetski for beginners

August 21, 2007 Inflatable watercraft are now available for dozens of different recreational purposes, from basic loungers through to purpose-built inflatables that come in every imaginable size and shape. A new product from Icontech, the Electric Inflatable Watercraft, is a battery powered, sit-down jetski-like product, that has a maximum speed of 10kmh and is an affordable alternative for the beginner or novice water enthusiast.Read More

Urban Transport

Navitas bicycle trailer concept offers 3-way power generation

August 16, 2007 British designer Paul Smith has come up with an interesting bicycle trailer concept that produces its own renewable energy. The Navitas bike trailer is designed to generate power in a number of different ways, combining both solar panels and a unique vertical wind turbine to offer cyclists a range of energy options with which to power lights or even run small appliances like mobile phones and laptops. Read More


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