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50th anniversary of Sputnik satellite launch

October 4, 2007 Today marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Sputnik satellite. Even half a century on, the impact of the October 4th 1957 launch that saw the Soviet Union’s satellite became the first to be put into orbit still resonates as a momentous achievement in the history of human endeavor. Considered the first real blow in the "Space race" between the USSR and the USA, the launch provided the springboard for an exciting period of space exploration carried out by the two countries.Read More

Good Thinking

Lifesaver: all-in-one water filtration bottle removes pathogens without the use of chemicals

September 19, 2007 Estimates put the number of people without access to safe drinking water at a staggering one billion, and with thousands – most of them children - dying daily from the risks associated with waterborne disease there is no doubting the significance of this new all-in one ultra filtration water bottle. The LIFESAVER bottle is a World first breakthrough for access to clean drinking water that removes waterborne pathogens without the use of expensive overheads or chemicals. The device has huge potential to save lives in humanitarian and disaster relief operations as well in military situations where its pressurized system also allows it to be used as a sterile wound wash.Read More


BMW concept X6 ActiveHybrid

September 17, 2007 BMW has showcased two innovative new systems in the guise BMW Concept X6 Sport Activity Coupé at the 62nd International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. As well as being the first vehicle to be fitted with a unique stabilization system known as Dynamic Performance Control, the concept incorporates BMW's ActiveHybrid system – a combination of a combustion engine and two high-performance electric motors aimed at delivering greater efficiency over a wider speed range than conventional hybrid designs. Read More

Home Entertainment

Individual Sound Projector from Loewe

September 11, 2007 Consumer electronics manufacturer Loewe showcased its recently released Individual Sound Projector at this year’s IFA in Berlin. The sound projector is a genuine 5.1 surround sound system that operates from a single device, allowing TV, DVD and other digital sources to be operated from one remote control. The multi-channel surround sound system features integrated cinema settings and over-head effects without the need for any additional speakers or cables and after encountering the system at the IFA, Gizmag can attest that it sounds amazing. Read More

Home Entertainment

AKG wireless headphones unveiled at IFA

September 4, 2007 AKG's K930 wireless stereo headphones are among the plethora of noteworthy new products Gizmag has encountered at the IFA show in Berlin this week. With a range of approximately 100 meters, the K930 headphones do not require a line of sight from the transmitter enabling the signal to penetrate through walls and ceilings and greatly expanding the user’s mobility. Read More


Toyota introduce iPod integration kit

September 4, 2007 Toyota has released an iPod integration kit which provides a direct link between your car’s audio system and an Apple iPod. The connection is housed inside the glovebox of the car, providing a simple plug and play option from iPod to stereo that also act as a charger. The iPod can then be completely controlled by using the car’s audio head unit, or (where fitted) the controls on the steering wheel. The integration kit can be installed into any current Toyota and Lexus model, and is compatible with most versions of iPod. Read More


Peugeot 308 SW Prologue Concept

September 2, 2007 Peugeot will provide a preview of the new 308 at the Frankfurt International Motorshow under the guise of the 308 SW Prologue. Equipped with an additive-enhanced diesel particulate filter system (DPFS), that reduces CO2 emissions, the 308 SW Prologue combines the strengths of the new 308 hatchback with innovative SW features like the new “wrap-around” rear end which allows for the installation of a third row of seats and improves rear vision. Read More


Reaper UAV to be deployed for combat

August 31, 2007 The US Airforce has announced the deployment of a new squadron of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into combat zones in Afghanistan and Iraq. Capable of carrying a payload of 3,750 pounds, the jet-fighter sized MQ-9 Reaper can fly at 300mph, reach 50,000 feet and stay airborne for 14 hours at a time. The "hunter-killer" UAV also incorporates Infrared, laser and radar targeting and is capable of deploying precision guided weapons. Read More


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