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Rick Martin

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Latest Skype release supports video calls for iPhone and iPad

By - January 2, 2011 1 Picture
It has been a pretty hectic holiday season for the folks at Skype with a new iteration of their iPhone app launching this week, finally providing support for two-way video calls over 3G and Wi-Fi connections. After the Skype outage the previous week plus a recent crackdown on VOIP apps in China, some good news for the company ends the year on a much-needed high note. Read More
— Environment

Panasonic's vision for energy-efficient towns

By - December 21, 2010 1 Picture
Our readers see more than a few eco-products featured here on a regular basis. Very seldom, however, do we have an opportunity to see a "big picture" vision for how an eco-friendly lifestyle can be achieved on a larger scale. Panasonic attempted to give us such a glimpse at the Eco Products 2010 exhibition in Tokyo, devoting an entire booth to demonstrating the company's "comprehensive energy solutions for entire towns." Read More
— Mobile Technology

Holy hybrid! E Mobile's pocket WiFi is also an Android smartphone

By - December 16, 2010 3 Pictures
Japan has long had a reputation for being on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, so one might expect that the country would be blanketed with open wireless for everyone. Therefore, many travelers are surprised to find that public WiFi is scarce, and that those who want mobile internet usually have to dish out for a for a monthly plan. E Mobile has been providing popular pocket WiFi solutions for some time, but the company's latest is an intriguing piece of hardware. Read More
— Mobile Technology

iPhone imitator Meizu to rebound with M9 and M9II on Android

By - December 7, 2010 6 Pictures
Chinese manufacturer Meizu, which had to halt production of the (in)famous M8 iPhone clone back in October, isn't giving up the fight to become China's favorite homegrown smartphone. The company's CEO J Wong has indicated that he hopes the M8's successor, the M9, will be out by Christmas. The phone is reportedly now available for pre-order at retail stores in China. Read More

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