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Flying wing prototype takes wind-power to new heights

Wind can be an unpredictable and unstable source of power, and high in the sky where it is more stable, it's difficult to exploit. Airborne wind turbines could provide a solution to this problem, but although the idea has been around since the 19th century, it's never been exploited on a larger scale. California's Makani Power aims to change that with its innovative flying wing turbine design. Wing 7 is essentially a cross between a UAV and a wind turbine that's tethered to a ground station from which it ascends to a height of around 1,300 feet (400m) and flies autonomously, generating up to 20-kilowatt of power in a 20mph (35km/h) wind.Read More


Unreal Engine 3 gets Flash support

At the Adobe MAX 2011 conference in Los Angeles this week, Epic Games' CEO Tim Sweeney demonstrated the Unreal Engine 3 running in fully inside Flash as part of his keynote address. The live technical demonstration saw a version of Unreal Tournament 3 running in Adobe Flash Player 11, which was also released this week. Adobe says the development could lead to console-quality 3D graphics in games running directly in the browser, such as Facebook social games. Read More

Mobile Technology

Quirky's Ray solar charger with suction cup goes up for pre-order

Designers of solar chargers need to deal with a certain issue: how to build a charger so that it had easy access to maximum sunlight, without much effort on the user's part. One clever solution was to combine solar cells with a bikini, but unfortunately that's really only useful on the beach. The Quirky community, a social project based around product development, has come up with another solution – it's the Ray solar charger, and it features a suction cup and a kickstand.Read More


Waterbuggy – a low speed sea-scooter for kids and families

Riding a high speed personal water craft (PWC) can be an exhilarating experience, but not everyone likes the adrenaline or the engine's roar. Aimed at those new to such water toys, or families with kids, the Waterbuggy is designed for calmer activities. Designed by the Turkey-based Bodrum Marine Group, the Waterbuggy offers a maximum speed of 8-10 km/h (5-6 mph) and can be reportedly operated by a child. Think of it as a combination of a PWC and a paddle boat, or a kind of floating bumper car.Read More


Kodak Playfull waterproof camcorder captures 720p underwater videos

Kodak has expanded its pocket camcorder lineup with the announcement of the water-, dust- and shock-resistant cousin of the Playfull camera, the Kodak Playfull Waterproof Camera. Coming with a lower price tag than the Kodak Playsport actioncams, the new arrival can be immersed to a maximum depth of 10 feet (3 m) for up to two hours and records videos in 720p (1280 x 720) resolution.Read More

Mobile Technology

LaCie LaPlug converts USB drive into a network storage device

LaCie has unveiled a local network-based bridge unit called the LaPlug, that allows users to share any USB-powered storage drive over a local network. It also enables the sharing of private files outside the LAN through an external address, and the wireless streaming of files to UPnP/DLNA-certified products such as gaming consoles, LaCinema Classic HD, or any other compatible equipment. Read More

Mobile Technology

Toshiba Thrive 7'' tablet to feature dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM and 1280×800 backlit screen

Toshiba has announced that its 10.1-inch Thrive tablet will soon receive a smaller and lighter sibling in the form of Thrive 7''. Weighing in at 399 grams (0.88 lbs) and 11.94 mm (0.47 in) thick, the Android 3.2-based Thrive 7'' tablet is powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform with a dual-core CPU and 1GB of RAM, has a 1280×800 resolution LED backlit screen and will be offered in 16 and 32GB models.Read More


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